Friday, 17 July 2009

A Rainy Trip to Manchester

I had a quick trip into Manchester today and met up with Sylvia and Kath. It really is such a nuisance with all this metro work and line closures as it makes travelling to certain parts of Manchester from my house quite difficult especially in the rain. They are also doing major sewer repairs along Deansgate so a lot of buses are diverted to parts of Manchester they don't usually travel along. Well done Manchester for attempting two major road disruptions at the same time. Now the metro are blaming this disruption for being 2 months behind schedule to finish off the tram lines. As usual there were no signs of any workmen anywhere today in Manchester. I think we have invisible contractors because I have never seen any even though I am assured in the newspapers that they are hard at work every waking moment and even at the weekends. My friends and I have a game now to spot and count the workmen. My friend is in the lead as she did actually count 9 people one day.

I took my 4 wheeler trolley with me as I find I can walk so much better with that than with a stick. I tend to look like a homeless bag lady but pride went out of the window a long time ago.

I came back with less than I went with but that suited me fine as I did a spot of shopping on the way home.

I managed to finish off the cabled baby cardigan and gave both of the cardigans to Sylvia. I also gave Kath the blue mohair motif sweater. The pattern for the cabled cardigan is Stylecraft 8040 and the wool was Jarol baby DK. It is a current pattern but I did amend it by putting a purl stitch either side of the cable to make it pop out more.

We went to Abakhan as although I have a huge stash I didn't have any 4ply in white or pink to make something for the baby due in a couple of weeks that I know is a girl. The last photo shows the crochet books that I was browsing through to decide which patterns I am going to crochet for all these soon to be born babies.

I picked up a copy of Crochet Today from W.H Smith so will post some photos of that and the wool tomorrow. I didn't stay in Manchester long as I had left Buster at home alone and I knew that he would need a garden break after a few hours.

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Zu said...

You got lots of goodies! :-)
I've shopped through the abakhan website before, very nice stuff.