Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Short n' Sweet child sized

As the soon to be born baby girl has an older sister I decided to make a little something for her so that when I give presents for the new baby there will be something for her also. I am making the Short n' Sweet shrug by Angela Best from the Stitch n' Bitch Happy Hooker book. The smallest size in the pattern is 27" so in order to make it a little smaller I am using a smaller hook. The yarn I am using is called Fantasia but is a little rough to the touch. I am hoping that it will soften with washing. I will leave it to soak in some softener before I parcel it up to send. I don't know much about the yarn except that it is from Romania.

I got it from a wool swap at the Knitting Noras and when I tried to look it up on the net there is nothing coming up on the search except one blog that seems to think that it is wool. It feels very cottony to me but there are many synthetics on the market that feel like cotton so it is difficult to tell and the label gives no clues at all, not even a needle size. Ravelry also insists that it is wool but I have never felt wool so harsh and cottony as this before. It is making up quite stiff so I am really hoping that it will soften before I give it to the little girl. There are no washing instructions on it either so I hope that it will wash OK in the machine as I have a feeling that it will end up in the machine when the mother washes it.

This is the second pattern that I have tried with this yarn. The first cardigan I started was using far too much wool and so I had to unravel it. If I cannot find out any information about the yarn then I certainly won't be able to get another ball if I run short.

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Zu said...

Very cute pattern! I always wondered why it was considered a shrug though.