Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Baby Surprise Jacket - but Crocheted

This jacket is a crochet version of the Baby Surprise Jacket. The construction is different as those of you who have made the knitted version will immediately notice. The first thing that is crocheted is the bottom edge of the jacket and the fonrt bands This version finishes up with the seams at the shoulder. The sleeves look slightly strange as they are divided in half with stripes going in different direction. The stripes go across the shoulders on the back and up and down on the front. The pattern shows the jacket made with two colours but I used several colours as I am stash busting.

I have posted several photos showing the jacket in different phases of construction as it is difficult to visualise what it will look like when finished whilst you are crocheting it.

I am not really happy with this version and doubt if I will make it again. I got lost a few times with the written instructions and found the charts very crowded and unclear but I am not a lover of crocheting from a chart at the best of times. The pattern can be bought the net possibly by Googling Charles Voth - All in one cardi. If you are using Ravelry then the designer goes by the name of Stitchstud. There is free single colour jacket of similar construction by another designer available as a free pattern and if you click on my blog title then it should take you to it. I have not made the free pattern yet so cannot tell you what it is like.

I have once again not done much crocheting today as my niece came to take me for a ride in the rain to Lidl. We got really wet but I got even wetter as some kind person had bent her car door in order to open it and steal her stereo the other night and now although the door is bent back and will lock it does rain in all over the seat through a small gap at the top of the door. Luckily I only got wet pants on the way home. It was a shock to the system as I plonked down in the seat straight into a puddle of water!

My knee continues to improve and I have actually had 2 nights when I have only been woken up once so that is a great improvement to my sleeping pattern. I am continuing with the ice packs 3 times a day and my knee, although sore, is moving in the correct pattern for walking. Before I visited the physio/osteopath I could only limp and my knee seemed to bend wrong if you understand what I mean. Now it feels like it is bending in the right place. I rang today and cancelled my physio appointment at the hospital. I don't see any point in making a journey down there to get another piece of paper with instructions printed on it. I am sure if I had continued with the hospital physio I would still be limping and hobbling about. It felt so nice today to be able to walk around Lidl with just discomfort instead of pain.


Beansieleigh said...

Hi Jan! Oh, I'm so glad to hear you're feeling a little better!!.. WONDERFUL! Saw your baby sweaters, and they are the sweetest little things! Nice work!

Zu said...

So glad to hear your knee is feeling a bit better. It's about time! ;-)

Anonymous said...

This is a new way for me to crochet a jucket! Thank you a lot for inspiration!
Baby crocheting.

Bel said...

Have you seen the Jenny King version of the crochet baby surprise? I know the price is a bit much, but I thought I'd let you know about it for just in casies.

Bel Xo