Thursday, 9 July 2009

Purely for decoration purposes

More photos of Kristin Omdahl Floral Circular Wrap now that it is off the blocking boards. I feel that it should have a label attached to it saying for decorative purposes only. I have tried it on but will need a bit more practise or a couple of safety pins before I attempt to wear it in public. I gave up trying to take a photo of myself wearing it. It's hard enough trying to take a photo of one's own back with a web cam without having the shawl sliding off my shoulders before I could press the button every time I got it into a good position to show the centre circle. I will have to be very careful when I wear it not to pass anything with a hook on it, a doorknob or a dining chairback.

My copy of the Interweave Crochet Summer 2009 has arrived but I have not yet had a good browse. I will take some photos or post a link to some projects tomorrow.

Last night I undid the first front of the baby cardigan as I was not happy with the way that the cables didn't show up. Ambermoggie you were right when you said it needed the purl stitch to make the cables pop out. Sylvia said that she had changed the pattern also so when I started the second front and saw the difference so I undid the first front and have re started it.

I managed to crochet 2 more squares for Kath's sweater on the bus and whilst waiting for my turn in the hydrotherapy pool. I think the total is 17 now so not many more to go.

I am not sure that the hydrotherapy is doing much good. The instructor we had today was not as good as the one that I had last week.There were only 3 in the pool today so in theory we should have got better instruction than last week when there was 4 of us. Apparently it depends which day I go as they change the instructors about day to day. He is going on his holidays for 3 weeks so I won't be getting him next week so I hope to get the lady that I got last week as I felt she was far more instructive and made sure that we were doing all the exercises correctly whereas he kept chatting in the pool and didn't really watch what we were doing. This week I took my knee strap for the walk home so I made it home OK.

I am going to make a coffee, hang out my washed swimming things and take a look in my new crochet book but no starting anything until I have finished off my current 2 projects.

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Zu said...

Hmmm, it kinda looks like a decorative spider web! Very pretty. I can imagine you catching on everything you pass and getting yanked back because of it. ;-)