Thursday, 2 July 2009

Guess who is here for the weekend ?

Yes - it's Buster! He is here until Sunday evening. My son and his wife are going to the caravan this weekend and Buster has been there most of this week with Trish and he has got far too hot but yet still wants to chase around after their young dog. It's all too much for him so they have left him with me for a bit of a rest while it is so hot. Buster, as you can see, has other ideas and has found a rather battered tennis ball that he keeps giving to me to throw. We have compromised I just throw it to his mouth thereby eliminating the need to dash after it and he seems quite happy with that.

I will limit him to a short walk after the sun has gone down tomorrow and over the weekend unless the weather cools down considerably. He still thinks he can dash around like a young pup but he is possibly over 9 now (he was a rescued dog so we can't be sure) and he is slowing down a bit now. Normally he can keep up but this hot spell is a bit too much for him. He is lay on the sofa now with the overhead fan whirring so is a happy doggie.

I finished the shawl for Eadaoin last night and today I dampened it and pinned it out. It needs a good wet block to reveal it's true size and potential but as my knee is not up to either crawling over the floor or over the bed to pin it out I will leave that up to Eadaoin to wet block it later. I love the wool albeit rather thick for an aran. The shawl took 10 x 50 grams of Debbie Bliss alpaca silk which is beautiful to crochet with. So soft and silky. I started it but then re-jigged it and upped the hook size to loosen the tension as I had the feeling if I had continued with the smaller hook them I would have needed more wool. My ruse worked as I managed to finish it with just a very small ball left over - Whew! The pattern is, of course, Blue Curacao from Doris Chan's Amazing Lace Crochet book. No matter how many times I make this pattern I always think it looks lovely and I never tire of making it.

Today was a bit too hot to crochet. I had to abandon the mohair squares as they were sticking to my fingers. I did a wee bit more on a fine shawl which I will photograph when there is more to see. I have another baby cardigan to make but I just can't knit when it is so hot


ambermoggie said...

I love the latest shawl, very sumptious in silk:)

Pammy Sue said...

I love your Blue Caracao shawl! I have the book with the pattern, but I haven't made it yet. It's on the list.

I'll have to look into that yarn when I do decide to make it. Never heard of it before.

It's beautiful and you did a beautiful job on it!


Zu said...

Buster looks very happy just laying around. :-) The sun really shows how pretty that shawl is. :-)