Saturday, 4 July 2009

Will Wet Blocking Rescue It?

I am hoping that when I finish and wet block my shawl that it will somewhat resemble the first photo. As you can see from the second photo I think it will take a miracle for that to happen. Admittedly I am not using the correct yarn as when I priced it up on the net it made me take a large gulp so I had to opt for a much cheaper substitution. The wool that I am using is 4ply and therefore thicker than the one recommended. You would imagine therefore that my shawl would come out bigger and not smaller than the pattern. The first time I started it I used the hook recommended and it was turning out to be the size of a small doily. I have upped the hook from 4mm to 6mm and am still in doubt that it will be anywhere near the right size even when blocked.

I will finish it off and pray that a good wet stretch will work wonders. If I had bought the correct yarn I seriously doubt if it would have turned out the right size. Very unusual as I normally crochet loosely and use hooks smaller than the ones recommended on patterns. I am loath to make it in thicker yarn as the whole effect of the shawl is ethereal and not substantial. The only thing I can do is to up the hook size even more but then it could look rather stringy.

I have found the pattern a bit difficult to understand especially this last row so I am doing a bit of my own version for the flower type edging. I am not the only one to do this as I read on Ravelry that Naelana has had difficulty with this pattern also.

My niece came today and played ball with Buster on the lawn but after only a few throws he was knackered so I don't think he will be going on a walk today. He is far too hot even though it is not really sunny today. I will see how he is when the sun goes down in the early evening. The area that I walk him in is quite wooded and so is shaded from the hot sun in most parts so it should be cool later on. If he gets too hot then he can paddle in the stream.

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Zu said...

Oooh dear, that'll be hard to save. Good luck hon!