Saturday, 1 August 2009

Tidying Yarn Stash

As my knee is feeling quite a bit better I decided that I should give myself a prod and do some housework that has been skimmed over a lot lately. After cleaning the bedrooms and bathroom I decided that I really should venture into the box/junk room. I keep all things yarny in there and it had disintegrated into a plastic bag nightmare pile of oddments. I decide that in order to use the odd balls up then I needed to at least put them into some sort of order.

It is so easy to keep the newer larger amounts tidy. I use a small bookcase for that but the oddments look untidy no matter how you sort them. I have been using storage boxes with lids and bags but as every bag contained multiple colours it was hard to sort colours out when I wanted to make something. Now I have a bag with all shades of purple, one with white based, creams and lemons, shades of blue, shades of green and blacks. I have gone with colours rather than thickness.

I can see a lot of multi coloured All Shawls, Granny squares and striped baby blankets in my future. Now they are more organised it makes me more determined to make things with them. The box room still looks messy but at least now I have a better idea of what colours and amounts that I have now.

The pink baby coat is being made with some wool that I bought from Abakhan. It is Baby Shimmer DK by James C Brett and has a silky thread running through it. The pattern is one that I got from Purplelinda the other week and is Sirdar 1798. The puff stitch fairly eats the yarn and I have almost used 100 grams and have yet to finish the body before making the sleeves.

Break over so it is time to finish off hoovering the stairs. I think that I will leave the downstairs cleaning until tomorrow.