Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Sweet Pea just Needs to be Fringed

The Sweet Pea Shawl is finished and just needs fringing. I have made this pattern so many times in the past and still love it. I have no doubt that I will make it many more times in the future as I have never actually made one for myself.

The 4 ply baby knitting is carrying on slowly and I have now finished the back of the white cardigan. After some discussion with my niece we both decided that we like the wrong nubbly side (last photo) better than we like the ribbed right side so I think this cardigan will be made up inside out. Not the first time that I have done that with a pattern I might add.

Yesterday I received a lovely present of some very old baby crochet patterns. I won't say who from as although the patterns are so old that they have long ago gone out of copyright there will always be someone who will jump on the case saying photocopying is banned etc. I do object to being asked on Ravelry for free copies of my patterns that are still available for sale. I simply point out to them where I bought the book from and leave it at that. We all have in our possessions treasured patterns that could have been our mothers or grandmothers and I see no harm in photocopying those. I will no doubt get shot down in flames for even suggesting such a thing but how else are people supposed to get copies? I know that very occasionally there are some in charity shops and on E Bay but that chances of picking up a popular old pattern are virtually zero. Anyway thanks a million to my friend for the patterns. I really appreciate them as the oldies are the goodies (and I am not describing either of us with that remark :) ) There is something about the vintage crochet baby patterns that doesn't exist in the modern day ones.

Last night I had a great night out at the Kings Arms Knit Club in Salford. My niece has been giving me a lift but next week will be the last time that I can get a lift. Ah well I can only hope that someone else is passing my way in the future as I really do not like waiting for a bus outside Salford Station alone in the dark on my way home. It is such a shame that one can't feel safe in ones own city after dark. I will have to concentrate on winning the lottery so I can afford to get another car. Is it too late to learn to ride a motorbike? I could maybe afford the insurance and road tax on one of those. I think I will be more of a fat lady with a sidecar, or Wallace and Gromit than a leather clad Honor Blackman or Joanna Lumley as in the Avengers. The Kings Arms is not only the host to our Knit Club but also holds drama events upstairs in it's function room. I have been told that their plays are very good. They also sell m any varieties of real ale and obscure beers for the connoisseur.

I am off to another osteo session today. My knee seems to have reached a level now and I don't think there will be much more improvement except to use it more and strengthen the muscles. The family have said I should seriously consider having the new knee and should concentrate on getting my weight down again so that they will operate as the success rate improves greatly the less strain (weight) that is put on it after the operation.


Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only one that occasionally put something together the wrong way about because I liked the stitch pattern better.

The shawl is lovely and I can see why it is a favorite and the fringe will just set it off beautifully.

Geraldine said...

Is this the sweet pea shawl from stitch n bitch? i am crocheting the blissful halterneck top from that book, but scarily enough the bottom panel is too narrow. i think i'll crochet two smaller wavy patterns to make the width enough to cover my back! well done though!

Zu said...

Love the shawl! You are the queen of shawls!! lol