Monday, 10 August 2009

Back to Rain Again

I am so glad that I chose to spend as much time as I could outside yesterday as I woke up to rain again this morning. I was toying with the idea of giving the grass another mow and trimming the hedge today if it had stayed fine but the rain came. What a shame I can't do it and now I will just have to do some housework instead. No - wait a minute I will have to knit or crochet instead. I did the housework last week I don't want to get too houseproud do I? I will just settle for a quick runaround with the hoover instead.

I have made another Baby It's Cold Outside. I am working my way through my oddments slowly but surely. This jacket may be a bit small for it's intended little person but as Sylvia fosters I am sure it will come in handy for her next little foster person.Sylvia, I will cure you of your stripe hatred one day. Sorry but I had to stripe it as I was running out of wool. I only had 100 grams of Patons Diana and the jacket needs about 150 grams.

The 4ply baby knitting hit a stop. I found that I was not enjoying the pattern stitch. It was one of those patterns where I felt I was making a lot of effort for something that just didn't show. I knew that it would be destined for the never to be finished WIP basket so I unpicked it and started it in a different easier to remember stitch. The baby's mum doesn't knit and hasn't seen the pattern so she will be none the wiser. I decided long ago only to knit and crochet things that gave me pleasure. If a pattern starts to really annoy me and I know I won't finish it then back it comes and I use the yarn for something else. Life is too short to make things I don't enjoy.

My friend's baby girl still hasn't put in an appearance. Her Daddy texted me and said they had a check up on Friday and she is showing no signs of being ready to be born, despite being overdue, and is fine and healthy. I think the hospital are going to revue the situation today as she is now about 12 days overdue. I won't get too see her for a while as they live in Liverpool now.

I am hopefully going to the Kings Arms Knit Club tonight and must take my needles with me as I have to knit the letter Y for a knitted poem. I got the pattern last week but as my stash didn't have any 100% wool DK in two colours I have not been able to start my letter. Rachael has got some wool for me so I can start tonight. I can't wear wool(except on my feet) so my stash only contains oddments of pure wool in sock thickness.

ETA - I have just had a text from Daddy - Veronica has made her appearance very late last night weighing in at 4.41KG so it's a good job that none of my cardigans are small! Mum, Dad, Baby and Big Sister are all doing well.

Wanders away to covert 4.41KG into pounds!


Beansieleigh said...

Beautiful job on these "Baby It's Cold Outside" Sweaters!.. I shutter to think of the REAL cold that's on it's way here. Fall is on it's way, and the mornings are already starting to feel a bit chillier! I'm just savoring every bit of Summer we have left!.. Anyways, I'd love to try this baby sweater. I KNOW I have the pattern somewhere! Right now, though, I need to finish an afghan I'm working on! As for the rain, as gloomy as it can look sometimes... Sometimes, I just look the other way, and I just LOVE to listen to it!.. One of God's many beautiful musical compositions of sorts, I like to think!

Zu said...

Congrats to the new mommy and daddy!!
Very cute jacket you made. :-)