Friday, 14 August 2009

Things That I Found in my Loft Today

You might wonder why I am showing you my lines of washing today. They are a whole wardrobe full of clothes that I found packed away in my loft.

Before I retired from work my son and daughter in law had a delay between selling one house and moving into another and rather than rent somewhere for an indeterminable length of time they camped at my house. I had to make space for them in a hurry and so put away all of the clothes that I didn't desperately need for work to make wardrobe space for them and my step grand daughter. This bag must have been left still stored away when I got back to normal when they moved back out again. My ex husband would say that it proves that I have far too many clothes if I hadn't missed this bag. I opened it all up and of course it was like treasure trove to me as I haven't seen this stuff for years. I have a new wardrobe in my eyes as fashion has passsed me by these days.

I haven't, of course, tried any of them on as they all smelt a bit musty but as they came from an era when I was at my heaviest they should fit me easily with my extra weight gain. I have counted 9 pairs of trousers, 7 Blouses, 3 Skirts and 4 skirt and blouse sets (Hyacinth Bucket style!) A lot of these clothes were bought from Evans and Ann Harvey and there is even a Oui Set outfit in there. Much better quality than I buy these days so I am really pleased. I found all of these when I went in search of a pair of decent black pants that I knew I still had but could not find anywhere.

I wanted another pair of decent black trousers to wear for my weekend away and didn't feel like spending any more money as I have loads of trousers but most of them are a wee bit tight. I wanted to be comfortable with having two days of travelling on a coach and not squashed into trousers with a too tight waistband.

I am not looking forward to a mammoth ironing session but will enjoy my little fashion parade later.

I have almost finished off the lilac matinee coat and have also found a couple of cardigans in my stash of already knitted things. the knitted cardigan will fit the 5 yrs old and the crochet cardigan will fit the baby in a few months. I need to get them all parcelled up and taken to the post office once I finish the coat and the matching bonnet. I will post photos of these tomorrow.

It looks rather like rain so I hope that I manage to get my washing dried before the heavens open.

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