Monday, 3 August 2009

Not Much Crocheting Done Lately

Not much crocheting has been done over the last couple of days. I am still in the cleaning and tidying up mode. So much of the house has been ignored or glossed over for the last 12 months since I had my spinal operation and subsequent knee operation even now it is not being cleaned to my satisfaction. It will not be up to my pre op standards. I am still limited with what I can do as my knee, although thanks to the physio/osteo and the ice packs is slowly improving, I still can't clean as well as I would like. It's difficult to get to places when my knee won't bend properly and I cannot kneel. Still at least I have started and albeit very slow progress the house is getting cleaner by the day.

Yesterday I had time off from cleaning and mowed the lawn instead. The lawn had grown like a meadow with all the rain we have had lately and it took me quite some time as my poor old lawnmower kept cutting a bit and then stopping for a while. The grass was still wet underneath and I had to wait for it to dry out layer by layer. Eventually I got it done although I must confess that my knee didn't like it one bit. Still it has to be done. The hedge could do with a trim but I decided not to try to do too much in one day.

My two nieces came to visit me yesterday. My younger niece lives in London so I don't get to see her often. The had been visiting Garstang where my Mum and Dad used to have a caravan. They said it was beautiful there and hadn't changed much at all.

Today is my son and daughter in law's wedding anniversary. I hope that they have a good day. No doubt they celebrated at the weekend. I have sent them a congratulation phone text but didn't ring as they will probably be at work.

I have finished crocheting the baby cardigan but as you can see if needs stitching together and buttons added. I have started the hat. I have not enjoyed doing this pattern with this wool. The wool has a silky thread which keeps snagging up as I make the bobbles. I think the yarn is more suited to being knitted and not crocheted. The black crochet is the start of another Doris Chan All Shawl.

I have been icing my knee whilst writing this blog and my 15 minutes is up so it's back to the cleaning. I will take a break and shower soon as my niece is taking me to the Knit Club tonight.

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Knitting Nurd said...

Jan, that baby set is darling and the pink is soooo delicate and feminine looking..I love it!!!
I'm glad the icing of your knee is helping, but don't overdo it. These things take time, as I'm sure you know. :=)