Thursday, 6 August 2009

A Little Sun Today

I sat out in the garden for a little while today as Shhhh we had a bit of sunshine. Unfortunately it didn't last long but at least it didn't rain. it is probably saving the rain for tomorrow when I am going to the hospital. I have a check up for my knee with my specialist. I will be bending his ear over the uselessness of the physio department they have there. They wouldn't last two minutes if they had to earn their own living in the private sector. No-one would pay for the kind of treatment and diagnosis that they hand out there. I can't imagine anyone would pay for treatment and be happy with a ten minute question and answer session and then being given a piece of paper with exercises on (with some crossed out as they don't apply to a knee injury)

I started the 4ply baby cardigan but as the sun was shining my needles soon became sticky and squeaky so I had to give up after 8 rows. I like knitting with finer wool when it is something small but I will have to knit it in and between my crochet as my arthritic wrists really don't like the knitting action these days. They get very sore after a few rows. This baby isn't due for another 6 weeks so I have plenty of time.

I managed to do some crochet as my hands don't get sticky when I use a hook. I am still working on an All Shawl in black which will have a coloured edging. I may have more to show tomorrow.

I just hope that I don't have a two and a half hour wait to see the specialist like I did last time. I must remember to take some knit or crochet with me just in case.

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