Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Third Visit to the Osteopath

I managed to finish off the baby matinee and hat.(Still no word about her arrival - she is taking her time) I have been doing so many more things besides crocheting these last few days. That alone is a sign that my knee is getting better day by day. It's still not fully functional but after my third visit to the osteopath today I feel very optimistic that with time my knee will improve. That is something that I could not have said even 2 weeks ago.

The matinee jacket is very pretty but I don't think that I will make the small size again. I fear that the pattern is so open it could be a trap for little unwary fingers. The pattern actually goes up to a 7yr old although I can't honestly see a child that old wearing a matinee style jacket but in a darker colour it could look very different. The pattern is a Sirdar one and current in their range. I bought mine online from Purplelinda but I am sure that any Sirdar stockist would have one or could get one. I am not keen on the wool that I used. Very pretty but the silky thread running along with the yarn snagged up on my hook and I was constantly splitting the wool. I thought it was because I was crocheting it but 2 people who have knitted it have had the same problem. I usually like James C Bretts wool and find it washes well so it is just the Shimmer DK that I will avoid in future. I have used Sirdar baby DK that has a silky thread running through it and not had the splitting problem.

Talking about Sirdar I am fortunate enough to be going to the Yarn Barn in Shaw tomorrow. My niece has offered me a lift there. I haven't been to the shop for quite a while and I believe that she has moved premises to a larger shop a few doors away. The owner Judith is a stockist of Sirdar and has a great selection of their wools and patterns. I am a great fan of Sirdar Wash n Wear DK and 4ply and Sirdar Snuggly is so lovely and soft for babies. I used to be one of Sirdar's largest stockists in my wool shop days and I think that the yarn speaks for itself that those particular yarns are still around and best sellers some 15 yrs later. If I remember to take my camera I will let you see more but Yarn Barn does have an online shop now for those of you who live too far away from Shaw to visit. Click on my blog title for a link there.

I am hoping to get some crochet done tonight but I have friends visiting me so I think that there will be more chatting than crocheting done.

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Anonymous said...

What a darling sweater and beanie. Love it! I too like to do baby items. Have you purchased any of the patterns on JustCrochet.com? And, are you on Ravelry? We are having a crochet-a-long with one of her patterns right now. Would love to have you join us. The group is JustCrochet by Heather.