Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Photo shoot

The day of the photo shoot for the calendar arrived at long last. My niece gave me a lift down to the studio otherwise I would have been travelling by public transport without underwear (strap marks).Not a thing I would have relished. Plus with the trams not going across the city centre anything the other side of town to me is a bit of a ball ache.

The studio was light and bright but I was slightly disappointed in that I wanted to wear this shawl but it wasn't suitable for the shots so I wore a pale lilac shawl which although beautiful (I made it!) is a bit pale for my colouring. Anyway the photo is going to be in black and white so I don't suppose that matters anyway. I have seen photo shoots on TV and they take dozens of photos saying turn your face this way and head this way so I felt like I was just getting started and into the swing of things when the photographer said "That's it" after just 3 shots. I just hope that one of them turns out OK. Normally when I have my photo taken, out of a dozen photos I only get one that is half way decent. I just hope that I am smiling and haven't got all of my chins showing in the photo!

When I came home I decided to make my own calendar girl photos wearing my shawl which is bright, bold and brash - Add in blonde and hey I just described me! I made a flower closure for the shawl and another one for my hair. Olay! Sorry they are not studio quality but one does the best one can with a web cam. My ex husband called around this afternoon so I suppose I could have asked him to take the photos with my normal camera but I doubt if his new wife would have approved but at least I would have had a better background. Since I changed to Windows Vista the photo edit is rubbish and I can't change the background as I could when I had the Windows XP. Another reason I don't like Vista. So many things are missing from Vista that were standard on XP.

The shawl is All Shawl by Doris Chan but with a variation copied from dkmoyer from Ravelry. I made the shawl as the pattern and made the bottom flounce in red. Counted 4 rows up and made another flounce (less pattern repeats of course) in burnt orange. Counted a further 4 rows up from the orange flounce and worked a gold flounce. I can't tell you how many pattern repeats I did for the other two flounces I just gauged it as I went along.

Knitting and crochet has been at a dead stop this week so I must get the whip out and tell myself Mush Mush tonight. Or maybe I will just wear my shawl and dance - Olay!


Pammy Sue said...

Your shawl is just lovely! I absolutely love it. I've made a few All-Shawls but now must try this one.

How did you make your rose?

Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

Looks fabulous Jan and far more your colour than lilac, I love it:)

June said...

The photos are lovely Jan, especially the first one and should definitely be in the calendar.

Zu said...

Hot, hot, hot!!! Go Jan you sexy thang you!;-)

I have that same problem with photos. Only one in a million look good. Hopefully he was the best photographer ever, and you were giving a winning smile. :-)

Queen Belicious said...

ooooh you sexy minx!!!