Saturday, 10 July 2010

No Crochet Today

No crochet today. I have two distractions for the day. My neighbours have gone to a wedding and won't be back until the morning so rather than keep popping in and out of next door to feed them and let them out for a wee etc I decided to bring them into my house and garden so that they won't feel lonely. Buster didn't arrive otherwise I would have had 3 of them to look after. They all get along very well so it wouldn't have been a problem. The bossy one is Poppy the little terrier. She rules the roost. If she thinks that I am patting Buddy that bit too long she lets him and me know about it. They have both just had their hair cut really short which is why Buddy looks such a pale colour. He is normally a deep golden colour.
I went out today spending the DLA money that I haven't yet got. I went to try out different arm chairs at the Motability shop. I could have gone mad and got an all singing and dancing one but I settled more for the bargain basement type of chair. It is electric and tilts back and forth, the leg rests come up and it rises until I am almost standing to get me out of the chair. Even the cheapest of the range was quite expensive but there was no way I was paying £1,400 for one of the ones that do more. This chair will be fine for me and I measured the arms and tried the reclining position to make sure that I can still knit and crochet when I am slightly reclined. If the worse comes to the worse I could also sleep in it when I first come out of hospital. It is supposed to be delivered on Wednesday.
Unfortunately the chair only comes upholstered in brown. My Father loved brown and so everything my parents ever bought came in brown. My niece was laughing and said you have to have this brown one as it is the Buckley colours (our maiden name). As the recliner I am replacing is brown I guess that I am used to the colour brown. I will Freecycle the old chair once my new one comes. It belonged to my late Father in law and although it is a bit shabby it has plenty of life left in it. I can't recline it as it isn't electric and I have to push down on the arms and on the floor with my feet to get it to recline. It would be OK for a more able bodied person. I can't put enough pressure on my knees to recline it as the chair is quite heavy..
Whilst in the Mobility shop I was enquiring about the price of the mobility scooters for rent. They cost £70 a week plus insurance so I have decided that it would be cheaper to buy a second hand scooter and then I can keep it until both of my knees have been fixed. The second hand ones start about £300 - £500 so even if it only lasted a few months it would still be cheaper than renting one. They are going to assess my hill and see which type I need and then tell me what they have in stock at their other shops. My niece says if they have any bargains then I should get one now and be able to shop every day if I wish. It would get me out of the house even if it is just to the local shops as the trams won't allow motorised scooters on them any more so I could not get to Bury or Manchester. I don't go there that often so I will just take a taxi even if it is only to the tram stop and back. It would be nice not to have to stop and think if I really want to hurt my knees and go to the shops plus I can buy my food fresh on an almost daily basis. I have a secure garage that I can keep the scooter in if I decide to buy one and it has a power supply so that I can charge up the battery.
The dogs have gone very quiet. I think that they are asleep in the front room but I had better check. They can't get out of my garden and get lost which is a good thing. They won't get a walk today but I am sure that they will manage just for once.


Mad about Craft said...

The dogs are very cute!!!!

I think you scooter plans are very sensible. Ebay can be a good source of second hand mobility equipment as well.

June said...

Good idea to get a mobility scooter. You will be able to get out more and get to the shops more easily. Also the reclining chair will be a great help to you too when you finally get an a date for your operation.

marg41 said...

Love the dogs, they seem very settled at your place! I do hope that you can get a good second hand scooter, it would give you much more freedom. Take care.