Thursday, 22 July 2010

B.I.C.O Number Two

Baby It's Cold Outside number two. As foster babies spends a lot of time in car seats being ferried to contact with parent(s) they just need a warm jacket to wear rather than needing a more substantial jacket if they were riding in their prams. I had 4x50 grams of Wendy Monaco in a Eucalyptus green in my donated stash. As the jacket took almost 150 grams I decided to make a little hat with the remaining ball. I didn't trim this jacket with a contrast colour as nothing that I had really toned with it and I didn't want to use a white trim again. The jacket looks rather grey on the photos for some reason.
I am working my way through my donated stash bit by bit but I still have a lot of stash that isn't suitable for baby wear due to it either being mohair content or hand washable. I just can't settle to anything big or complicated whilst I still have Buster. He is sleeping at the moment as he is tired from a mammoth ball throw and catch session in the garden. It is colder today but at least it's not raining. Well not yet anyway.
I will probably start another baby jacket today. If I make a few in different sizes then I can start making something else once Buster has gone home. He will probably get picked up on Sunday evening. I should be going to the Bolton Knitting Noras monthly meeting on Sunday but it takes me so long to get there and back that I don't like leaving Buster so long on his own. Another factor is that my knees have been painful this week so I just don't fancy walking up to the tram and back. When I get my scooter that won't be any help as the metro have banned scooters from going on the trams, The buses may take a small scooter but because I live on a hill I think that I will need a big scooter so I won't be able to use it on the bus either.

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Anonymous said...

Those buttons match it perfectly, Jan. These are all so cute and I know the little babies are just snuggly in them.