Sunday, 25 July 2010

Interweave Crochet Summer 2010

These are some more photos from the Interweave Crochet Summer 2010. I haven't taken photos of everything just the garments I think are the most interesting. As usual there are just a few that I will crochet for myself. It's not so much that I don't like the other garments I just feel that they are not for my age group or my fuller figure.
I like the little pink Marilyn Twin Set by Sarah Barbour. Well I like the jacket. The top is too flimsy for me to wear. It has a low back which fastens with gaps between the buttons and would show a bra. It is crocheted in quite fine wool but on a 3.50mm hook so that isn't so bad.
The Agora Totes by Lisa Soutendijx are not something that I would make for myself but they are very pretty for someone younger to make and use.
A lot of people on Ravelry have said that they like the Helena Jacket by Margaret Hubert. It is based on styles from the 1880's but it's not for me as being fuller figured I don't like any extra width across my shoulders. I suppose that it could be made without the gathering at the sleeve head.
The Cool Wave Shawl by Sheryl Means is in Tunisian crochet. Maybe one day I will get my tension correct with Tunisian and make something like this.
Even though the Charlotte skirt is by one of my favourite designers Doris Chan
the style isn't for me. I think that it's a young persons style. It's too openwork for me. I know that it is meant to wear over a skirt but I am so clumsy that I would get hooked up on everything as I passed by.
The green Mirth Sweater by Annette Petavy looks like it could be a useful addition to anyone's wardrobe. Not sure that it would suit my body shape but on anyone slimmer it could look great.
I have the same feelings about the Cowslip skirt by Bonnie Paul as I did about the Doris Chan skirt. Lovely on someone young and slim but as I am neither of these things sadly not for me.
The Forest Reflections Shawl by Lisa Cleveland is very pretty. It is crocheted in fine wool but once again a large hook is used. I am sure that it would grow quite quickly on a 5mm hook. I can see myself making this when I am Christmas present crocheting.
The Moth Wings Shrug by Mimi Alesis is very pretty for a teenager or a young lady. Although I can admire it I can't wear anything so small and snug fitting. I can think of a few people who it would really suit.
The Lodestar Tunic with it's granny squares reminds me of the 60's for some reason. Again I like it, but not for myself. I think once again that it's a young person's style.
The black Peaseblossom Tunic is a lovely lacy garment by Kristen Omdahl. As it is long enough to cover up my wide bits it is a sweater that I can wear. With the right clothing underneath it I think that it would suit all ages.It is crocheted in fine wool but with a 3.25mm hook. Very Pretty.
I have missed out a few things. There are another 3 sleeveless tops and a tunic. A Victorian style bracelet with ribbon threaded through it and some different samples of afghan squares. There is an article on double ended crochet and some table mats to make if the technique is mastered.
The cover shawl I showed you a photo yesterday so I have not repeated it today.
Buster has now gone home. My son and daughter in law called for him this afternoon. They had their other dog with them so Buster was happy to see her and glad to have someone to play with. I still have some knitting to finish off before I house clean tomorrow to rid the house of dog hair. I don't feel like starting that tonight. I have a bed to remake s that's enough for now.
I doubt if I will start any of the fine crochet tomorrow as I will be cleaning and then going to the Kings Arms Knit Club later as my niece has very kindly offered me a lift. The lighting in the snug is quite dim and I can't concentrate on a new pattern and chat at the same time so I will take something very easy with me tomorrow.

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