Saturday, 17 July 2010

Knitting At A Snail's Pace

My knitting pace has slowed down to a crawl. It's amazing how much of my time Buster demands during the day. When he lived here with me he was much easier as we had a routine of morning and afternoon walks. Now that I can't walk him he needs occupying during the day. We have just come in from a ball throwing session in the back garden. He gets very bored if I don't entertain him. He is used to having the other dog to play with him when he is at home so I suppose life is a bit boring for him here.

I would have done more knitting but I started a double breasted baby pattern last night which was knitted by row counting to space out the buttonholes. I started with one front and realised that it was going to be another short jacket. I decided to unravel it and start a different pattern that was longer in the body. I have started a larger size as the premature foster baby is growing like mad and is almost 8lbs now. I am making larger sizes now so that he will have some cardigans for the autumn/ winter time. The wool is Sirdar Snuggly DK that Sylvia gave me to use for the baby. I still can't get back to the boys knitting. I have decided that it is the colour that I have fallen out with. I have some different wool to use for them so I might start something different and hope that I can have better results. The other wool that I have is a blue random so I can get away with just knitting stocking stitch which will be quicker.

The weather is strange today. One minute it is sunny but windy and the next minute the rain is coming down hard. I am glad that the rain came as it forced Buster back indoors. He was getting very puffed out with the ball throwing but wouldn't give up. Maybe now he is a bit tired he will have a nap and let me do some knitting. I hate to say the C word but I will soon be starting knitting and crocheting for that and may not have time to fit in cardigans for him then. I also want to make some more hats for the homeless and shawls for the elderly.

Even if my fine wool arrives I am not going to start my crocheting until Buster has gone home. I don't want him to shed hair on it or get his paws tangled up in it and break the threads. He is a bit clumsy around the house and is always putting his feet in my wool and dragging it around the lounge before I can untangle him.

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