Friday, 2 July 2010

My Horoscopes

We all read horoscopes and if they are good then they make us feel good for the rest of the day even though they rarely come true. My horoscope for today did make me giggle though. If you are a Sagittarian then you can share it with me.

Your horoscope for July 2, 2010 Arts and crafts may hold the greatest interest for you today, JANET. Even if you lean more toward sports activities, as a Sagittarian an artistic streak will likely run pretty strong in you. Creating can be richly satisfying, both in the process and in the satisfaction of the finished product. Allow yourself the opportunity to explore this part of you, as the day's energy will lend much to your abilities.

This is so apt for me at the present time. The other day my horoscope said that my money worries would soon be over and the day after I won £10 on the lottery. Not quite what I had in mind but hey don't knock it. Today I received news that not only have they allowed the continuation of my Disability Living Allowance for another 2 yrs but that they have increased it. OK it's not a fortune but it does mean that I can take taxis to my knit clubs and to visit friends and not have to worry about the cost (within reason).This will make such a difference to my morale after my op when as soon as I am a little bit mobile I can get out and about - even if it is only to the local shops and back.

I finished the baby Springy Jacket by Kj Hay from Crochet Today May/June 2010. I have taken the photographs as the sleeves are a row or two short because I ran out of wool. My friend has another ball so I can put in long sleeves if she wants them. The pattern has short sleeves but as it has worked up quite chunky she might want the jacket to have longer sleeves for the baby to wear in the winter as it is a larger size and won't fit him until then. The wool is James C Brett Baby Marble DK shade BM 5 and I used 100 grams to make it this size.

I am still crocheting away on the blue jacket. I have almost finished the second sleeve and still working with the same ball that I made the other sleeve with so I think that I will have enough yarn to make the jacket longer which is better for me. I will decide whether to keep it or give it away when it is finished. I have a habit of thinking - nice but not for me - when things are finished and I would rather give them away than leave them stored away. I will let you know if it is a keeper or not.

I really must get stuck into some house cleaning this weekend. I won't be able to do much afterwards and so would like to come home to a clean, even if it is not very tidy, house. I think a cluttered house is a sign of a creative mind. I thrive on being surrounded by wool, hooks, needles and patterns. I would die if I had to keep everything in neat boxes and shelves. I do try in the stash room and know exactly where everything is stored in there, and what kinds of wool are in there even though it may appear to be a huge jumble to everyone else. My ex husband almost has a fit when he calls as he was such a neat freak and just being in my house makes him very uneasy and he is always on at me to tidy up my house - my craft work in particular. I just smile sweetly and say ah but you don't live here any more dear. He can't bully me any more even though his comments do sometimes upset me. I like living on my own. I can mess up the house as much as I want and no one tells me off anymore. I do tidy up every now and again but it is when I decide and not when others tell me that I have to.

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Ana Luisa said...

so true about the house! I hate it when someone else tells you want needs to be done, but doesn't help you out. My husband is like that: criticizes me on how awful the house looks, but he's the one who makes the mess!
The baby cardigan looks so pretty, well done. !