Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Crochet So Fine - Kristin Omdahl

The new book by Kristin Omdahl arrived today. There are 21 projects in the book so I have just chosen a few of them to show you. My first reaction when I opened the book was WOW. They are such pretty designs. I fell in love with the front cover sweater the moment that I saw it on preview and the Diamonds shawl is to die for.
As for the rest of the designs I will just let them speak for themselves. I just know that I am going to be making many designs from this book in the future. I am not sure which one I will be starting with. I will have to think who is it for, what colour would they like and then find some suitable yarn on the net. I am sure that a lot of my family will be having Christmas gifts made from this book. I am so glad that it has arrived early as most of the yarns used are quite fine and so any of the projects will take a while to crochet.
The things that I haven't shown are another shawl, a bag, a chain hat, a cardigan, an openwork hairpin sweater, a neck warmer, and a beret,. Everything in the book is beautifully photographed in close up with several views of each garment. Lots of books don't give front and back views so you are never sure what the whole thing looks like. Anything I have missed off on the blog will be on Ravelry as I saw most of the designs on there before my book arrived.
I am so in love with my new recliner chair. I started some baby knitting last night just to test out the chair for comfort whilst knitting. I was fine. I am sure that I must have been sitting at an angle with the other chair and that caused me to have so many problems whilst knitting. The only thing that happened was that I have an ache in my upper right arm today. Maybe now I can finally finish off the boys hooded jackets!
I haven't had any replies from Freecycle for the old recliner. I phoned a couple of furniture charities today and they weren't interested either. It seems bizarre that I can't even give a chair away when it still has life left in it when I know lots of people don't even have an armchair at all. I can't even ask any of my neighbours to take it to the landfill for me as they don't have cars large enough. Maybe my son will have some ideas when he calls tomorrow.


Vivian said...

I could never even dream of crocheting any of those beautiful designs. You are so talented!


Queen Belicious said...

I've been eyeing that book off.. One day! I'm not a very patient fine crocheter, but I'd try some of those.

xoxo Bel

marg41 said...

Oh! what a beautiful book! Wish I could crochet!!!! My favorites are the Dragonfly and Sprout Shawls. Glad the new chair has passed the knitting and crochet test! Have you had a "Nanny" nap in it yet?
Enjoy your book, and I am sure it will not be too long before we all see a finished project from the book.

Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

I couyld wear most of those especially the circular sleeveless wrap:)

Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

I could wear most of those especially the circular sleeveless wrap:)

ArtYarn said...

waw, the starry night scarf is lovely!!
rach x