Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Going Up In The World

I have gone up in the world. Literally. My new chair has arrived and so I have been playing with the controls like a big kid. I can rise up to almost standing instead of having to use my arms to heave myself out of the chair. The middle photo shows it in a normal chair position and the last photo shows it in recline.
It has passed the crochet/knitting test. The arms are low enough for both of these activities and I can crochet in the semi reclining position which is feet up and back slightly leaning backwards.
I think that I am going to enjoy this chair.
I don't care so much about not having a colour choice as not only did I get it cheaper because of the colour I got the VAT deducted because I took my letter from the DLA saying that I was on high mobility. I can forget about not having a colour choice with both of these savings.
Last night I didn't start any new crochet as I was hoping that my new crochet book would be delivered today. I did manage to do a few rows of the boys knitting. I don't know whether it is the colour or the pattern but I just cannot get into knitting again. I just don't enjoy this. I am more of a crocheter but I don't usually struggle so much with knitting as I have with the boys jackets. If my book doesn't arrive later today I will have to start crocheting something small.
I put the old recliner on Freecycle but no one has shown any interest in it so far. It is a shame as it is still in very good condition. I guess people are not lovers of brown velour! Perhaps I have put people off by including in the description that it isn't suitable for a frail elderly person. It works by pressure and so needs someone with strong leg or arm action to recline it. It's best to be truthful as I would hate for someones Mother or Father to get stranded in the chair when they can't get it back to normal position once it is reclined.
Thanks to everyone for your lovely words about the Blue Heaven Sweater. I wasn't sure about it when I was crocheting but now it is finished I really like it and feel sure that I will use the pattern again. I like to crochet but I don't always want my crochet to be lacy and holey. For everyday wear I prefer a close stitch.
Time for another cup of coffee and to play with the chair. It's like being at the fairground. I keep singing I go up diddly up, up I go down, diddly down, down.
Not quite a magnificent man in a flying machine but I wonder what the neighbours will think if they see me rising up in front of the bay window. The elevating crocheting woman - Yeah .


Debi Y. said...

Cool chair - the color looks nice too.

Anonymous said...

I like the color with your flooring. Very nice and looks like it would be just the ticket for you. I can just see you sitting in it looking out the window with your crocheting in your hands.

KnitNurd said...

What a fun Halloween trick.."mommy, I know what I saw. I saw a lady levitating in front of that window!" hehehehehe
I think the color of your new toy looks wonderful with your furnishings Jan!!

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Jan! Your new chair looks great, and I'm so glad to hear you've got one! Good for you!!... LOVE your beautiful rug too! I wouldn't worry about the color. I think everything ties in very nicely together! ~tina

marg41 said...

Oh! Wow, the new chair looks beautiful, and goes so well with your rug and drapes. I am sure you will have many happy hours in that chair crocheting/knitting and of course having a little nap now and then!!!

Crafty Andy said...

There are times I want one of this with a minibar lol!