Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside

The title is not a description of the weather. It's the name of this crochet baby jacket. The pattern is a free one from Ravelry and I made this version from 100 grams of a rather thick Aran weight wool. Teddy Camelot Wool Blend Aran Shade 020 that I bought from Habiknit in Bury. It is such a simple easy pattern that it is no wonder there are many versions of it on Ravelry. The buttons are not what I would have chosen but as nipping out to the shops for buttons isn't an option these days I make do with what I already have in. All the blue buttons that I had were all the wrong shade or the wrong size.
It is for the foster baby boy so if Sylvia has any better buttons in her stash then she can change them later. I just don't like giving things to people without any buttons.
I have added some extra chain to the sleeves this time as the last couple of jackets that I made the sleeves seemed a bit on the short side. This time they look a bit long so I have turned them up a bit. The last foster baby had long arms but as this baby is so small at the moment there is no telling how long his arms will be come the Autumn.
The rain has started lashing down again and I have had to close the patio doors as I think I have a blockage in my gutter above the door and it is sending a waterfall down the window. My son clears them out every now and again as I get a little weed garden growing in the gutter. The TV has now gone off. That's the trouble with Sky cable TV. Any sniff of torrential rain, thunder or lightening and the darned thing goes off. Apparently the rain blocks the signal from the satellite, You would think with all of today's technology they would have come up with a solution to that by now.
I will probably start another Baby It's Cold Outside jacket tonight. I don't want to start anything large until I can concentrate once Buster goes home again on Sunday. I have to pick easy patterns as I lose my place when I keep picking the crochet up and putting it down again 5 minutes later when Buster jams his ball under the coffee table or under a chair. If I don't retrieve it for him he scrabbles and makes nail marks on everything.
Today it has varied from torrential rain to sunshine. One minute Buster and I are out in the garden playing ball and the next he is curled up on the sofa letting me do a bit of crocheting. He has, unfortunately, taken a fancy to my new recliner and every time I get off it he gets on. It has the better view of the street that he thinks that he has to guard. It's either that or he just loves the body warmth in the chair when I get out of it.
I am resting today as my knees are a bit painful. I am not sure if it the weather that affects them but some days the pain is bearable and others it's not. I think that it is the dampness from the rain as much as anything.


Anonymous said...

The BICO sweater is really easy to make, isn't it? I love that all-one-piece-ness to it. I love that blue. So perfect for a little boy.

It's obvious that Buster loves spending time with you even if you can't get out and take him for a walk.

Any news from the surgery?

crazymotheringchick said...

This is a very cute little jacket. Alas, I have no babies to crochet for, or I would try it. But it's adorable.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Lovely little jacket, where would I find the pattern for it please? Thanks Sandra

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

The pattern is free on Ravelry. If you are not a member of Ravelry then it is the best source of free patterns. You have to join but it is free to join. The pattern is called Baby It's cold outside and is a very popular pattern. You might also find the pattern by Googling it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I will go see what I can find :-)