Monday, 5 July 2010

Cancelled Until Further Notice

Why does it always happen to me. Just when I thought that my luck was changing for the better and things were finally starting to come around my way.

The hospital rang me this morning to say that my proposed knee replacement surgery scheduled for tomorrow morning has been cancelled until further notice. I asked why is it always me that gets cancelled. Of course I got the usual spout about it's nothing to do with me it's managerial policies who make the decision. They tried to say it was because I needed a high dependency unit bed after the op and they have none available. Hard luck anyone wanting a bed for an emergency then isn't it? When I questioned further she said well we always have a shortage of surgeons at holiday times. When they schedule ops do they not ask the surgeons when they are going on holiday?

It's all so annoying. When I had my spinal op it was only because I played hell when they tried to cancel me for the third time. This will be my second cancellation for my knee operation. Hope Hospital - I think that it should be renamed Hopeless.

I now have to go and buy some fresh food as I had not bought anything in thinking that I would be missing for a week. So I shall continue to crochet and knit for the foreseeable future. Pass me my anti depressants!

ETA I just had a further phone call from another Hospital department reminding me of my operation. I said what is going on I have just been cancelled. She apologised and said that she would go and find out what was happening. Left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing or what?


June said...

How frustrating for you Jan. That is an awful way to treat anyone. I hope you get better news soon. In the meantime, keep your chin up, I am thinking of you.

KnitNurd said...

Sure makes me wonder about Obama's plan for a national health system in our country.
I am so sorry you are being passed over yet again, Jan!!! Hopefully, when the right hand and the left hand get it sorted, you will still be having your surgery tomorrow, or very soon in the near future. I'll be praying for some good news for you!

Ana Luisa said...

How frustrating it must be for you, to thave this happen again and again. Hope things sort out for you and quickly.

Anonymous said...

Why, I ought to come over there and beat a few people senseless with my cane. Good grief. Hopeless is right.

Allysa said...

So glad I live in the US...we don't have that problem...YET. Sorry and I hope your turn comes soon.

Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

Oh Jan not again:( Can you get your doctor to ring or your MP?

marg41 said...

Oh! Jan, I am so sorry about the cancelation of your op. You hit the nail on the head about the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing. I remember a few years ago, I was on holiday from Australia, staying with my Mum and Dad, Dad took ill and I had to take him to Hope Hospital, we arrived at 10am, they put him on a bed in the hallway for hours and when at last the Doctor arrived he was very curt! We left at 5pm and had to catch a bus to Irlam! Poor Dad he was almost out on his feet.
I do hope things work out for you. You are in my prayers.