Tuesday, 6 July 2010

A Funny Sort Of A Day

I am having a funny sort of day today. I woke up with a feeling of anti climax or that I wasn't where I was supposed to be. Subsequently I just can't settle to anything today. I am still wandering about in my dressing gown as I can't even summon up the enthusiasm for a shower or to get dressed. Hopefully this feeling will pass by tomorrow.

Thanks everyone for your kind words over what happened to me yesterday. I have calmed down and become resigned to my fate today hence the apathy about getting dressed etc. I am just going to do nothing and hope to improve my state of mind by tomorrow.

I have gone back to my crocheting. I am making the Blue Heaven Sweater by Lisa Gentry from the Crochet Closet book. I made the sleeves first as I wanted to know if I had enough yarn to make the body longer. Now I know that I have enough to do that I am considering putting a bit more length on the sleeves. I will tack the jacket together after I have crocheted the fronts and see how it looks and how much wool I have left over after the fronts and bands are completed. I am not a lover of 3/4 or elbow length sleeves and these look a rather funny shape at the bottom. They may, however, look better once the jacket is stitched up.I will sew up the body and then tack in the sleeves with a different colour to see how I feel about them before stitching them in permanently.

When I was shopping I bumped into my niece's best friend and her boys. I felt really guilty about not finishing off their knitted hooded jackets so I think that I will have to dig the bits I have knitted out of the bag and see if I can remember where I am up to. That is why I don't like having too many WIP at any one time as if I leave them for weeks I can't pick up again without a half hour of pattern reading. I bought some flecked wool for them ages ago but at least I can knit stocking stitch with that and so their second set of jackets should not take me as long.

As I am not going into hospital my niece has kindly offered to take me armchair shopping. I have lovely cream 2 and 3 seater leather sofas but they are too low for me and I really struggle to get up from them. I am using an old recliner that belonged to my late ex Father in Law with an extra cushion on the seat to raise the level at the moment but it is a very old chair and doesn't look very nice as it is brown velour with a few shabby patches on it. Now that my DLA has been increased I intent to buy a proper chair that is higher has more support for the disabled. I had talked about it before but didn't fancy ordering one from the Internet and then not liking it when it arrived. These chairs are not cheap but this is what my extra money is for. To make life more comfortable for myself. I have found a mobility shop quite close to where I live that stocks these chairs so I can go and have a sit down in various ones to see which is the best option for me. The shop also hires out mobility scooters so I am going to make enquiries about hiring one of these when I have had my operation. If I can use it to get to the shops for the first week or two until I get back on my feet then I will be OK for shopping plus I won't be stuck in the house for weeks. As there are various types of scooters at least I can sit on them and choose the one that I want to hire when the time comes. I will need one of the larger ones as not only am I a big girl I live on a hill so a small one with small battery power would not have the power to propel me up the hill to the shops.I am lucky in the fact that I have a garage with an electricity supply that I could drive it into for storage and recharging. I will ,of course, have to give it a good tidy up before I go into hospital to make room for it.

I am off for a cup of coffee now and to try to find out where the bin men have flung my bin today. When they empty it I have to search up and down the street to find it. They fling it yards away from where I live and as I am trying to creep out before any of the neighbours see me in my dressing gown I hope that it's not too far away today!


Debi Y. said...

Sorry you're not feeling Ok today - feel better soon.

On holidays, I give my trash men and recycle men a jar of candy (I crochet a little topper in the holiday colors) - they always put my trash cans and recycle can back in my yard. :) Check out this post on my blog:


Mad about Craft said...

So sorry about your op. £$%%^& NHS!!

The mobility scooter sounds a great idea and I hope you find a chair you like.