Friday, 30 July 2010

3 Coloured Jacket Finished

I have finished off the little chunky 3 coloured jacket. It has turned out a bit smaller than the plain blue one that I made before.I think it is because of all the slipped stitches in the pattern. I have probably pulled my stitches tighter than I do with stocking stitch. This time I decided to put a neckband on instead of the hood. I hopefully have enough wool left to make a matching beanie hat tonight. I decided not to put the navy blue, or are they green, buttons on it and went for a pale blue button instead. The wool is very slightly fluffy but it is acrylic brushed so shouldn't irritate a baby's skin. I used 1 ball of each of denim, pale blue and white Wendy Monaco. I have another ball of the denim blue and hopefully enough bits of pale blue and white to make a beanie hat. I will eke it out by making a longer brim in the denim blue and possibly the crown decreases also.
Not sure what I will start tomorrow at the Knit Club. I do so much chatting, especially since I haven't been for a while, so something plain to crochet or knit is on the agenda. I can see another evening spent pattern browsing.I can spend far too long on leafing through my patterns. You would think that by now I know everyone of them off by heart but I do forget what is in the pattern books and magazines. I should have a mammoth browse and then catalogue on line which garments I have liked in which books and that would save me a lot of time. When I am browsing for something in particular I always see the patterns that I meant to make but at the time of browsing I am looking for an entirely different pattern and so I carry on looking and forget all about those patterns until I browse again. I am going to write a list and then it might jog my memory. Knowing me I will lose the list.
I am hopefully going to the Islington Mill, ,Salford tomorrow to the monthly knit/crochet meeting of the Kings Arms/Islington Mill knitters. My niece is otherwise occupied this weekend so I will taxi down there and back. She has promised not to forget me on Monday night to give me a lift to the Kings Arms knit club although she did tell me to remind her on Monday morning this time.
I am still bracing myself to start my fine crochet. I think that I might need a deep breath and a stern talking to myself before I launch myself into it. I have been rather spoiled of late by making baby clothes which are instant crochet fixes and I know that I will have to concentrate like mad on this fine crochet. That is why I am stalling so much from picking up the hook and diving in. It has been such a long time since I crocheted anything so fine so I might need a safety harness!

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Posy Linda said...

How in heavens name are you able to produce such lovely things so quickly. Fantastic!