Sunday, 4 July 2010

I Added Sleeves To It

I have been out for most of the day today. I took the little jackets that I made for the foster baby girl and left them with my friend Sylvia. She kindly made my Sunday dinner Yum, Yum, - it was lamb and it tasted good. Food always tastes so much better when someone else prepares it.

The little jacket that I had made for the foster baby boy didn't look right with the short sleeves that were on the pattern. When I got to Sylvia's she had another ball of James C Brett's Marble baby DK wool so I added long sleeves whilst I was there.I also managed to finish crocheting a little waistcoat that I had started last night with a part ball of James C Brett's Stonewash DK using the King Cole pattern 3052.

The pink, lilac and cream baby jacket was another one of Rindy Carpenter's basic designs that I customised. I did stripes of the three colours for the yolk and sleeves but added a simple pattern for the skirt. I have made this one with the 6 months instructions instead of the newborn size.

The foster baby boy was really good. He slept for most of the time until he cried for his bottle. He is gaining weight steadily now although he is still a tiny dot. We had a laugh though as after Sylvia had bathed him he decided to wee all over her as she was drying him. That's little boys for you. I remember that part from when my son was small. The minute you strip a little baby boy naked to bathe him or change a nappy then it's whoosh like a fountain. My son used to kick his legs about and divert the jet everywhere so it wasn't just in one place. I soon learned not to take off the nappy until he was almost in his bath and to have a spare towel handy to throw over the jet at nappy changes.

Today has been extremely windy. I pegged the bedding on the line early this morning and whilst it was drying I went to get bathed and dressed ready for my day out. When I came back downstairs the bedding was dry but scattered all around the garden. Brightly coloured pegs were strewn all across the lawn and I had to rescue my pillowcases from the bushes. Fortunately everything stayed in my garden so at least I didn't have to disturb any neighbours to get my washing back .

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