Sunday, 11 July 2010

Home Alone Again

Just as I wrote the title Home Alone Poppy walked back in through the patio doors. She thinks that she lives in both houses ;-)
The dogs were very good considering that they had never stayed overnight with me before. We were up bright and early as I am used to Buster and his weak bladder so I don't like to leave animals too long without a toilet break. I let the dogs out at 5.30am and then we all went back to sleep again.
Buddy is funny. He has a passion for shoes and slippers and so took pairs of my shoes and slippers out one by one and put them on the lawn. Julie told me today that they have to put all of their footwear out of his reach or they have to search the garden for where he has hidden their shoes. He doesn't chew or destroy anything he just likes people to chase him whilst he has a slipper in his mouth.
The only time that I had to raise my voice to them was at 5.30am when they went outside and decided to have a barking contest. I had to shout them back in so not sure which bit the neighbours will remember the most. Their barking or my shouting!
I spoke to my son last night and he knows someone who deals in motorised scooters so he is going to enquire what prices their scooters are and if they have any secondhand ones. He looked on E bay and said that there were loads for sale on there but I am very nervous of buying anything on the net unless it's wool or crochet books of course LOL
I picked up my crochet again today after the dogs had gone back home and am now past the armholes on the last front. I have the front band to crochet and then decide whether to alter the sleeves and make them longer. It's not so much the elbow length that is worrying me as much as the flared bell shaped edge. I will tack them in and try it on before I unravel the sleeves. I had 500 grams of the blue so I will have about 75 grams left once I crochet the bands. That should be enough to extend the sleeves if need be.
I got a nice surprise today. Julie my neighbour bought me a bottle of dark rum for looking after the dogs for her. I am not a big drinker but I do like a glass of rum and coke now and again. In fact I might just have to unscrew the bottle later tonight just to make sure that it tastes just right.
I had got the dates wrong for Buster. He is coming next weekend for a few days. He gets on well with the dogs from next door and doesn't mind if they pop in through the hedge to see me. Poppy has now gone home again. She just likes to pop in and out when it suits her.


June said...

Dogs are really wonderful pets and are such good company. I can tell you love dogs as much as I do.

marg41 said...

The dogs are beautiful. It is good that they can stay with you. We had a dog who used to collect everyone's daily newspaper, plus shoes or anything else she could carry. She would leave them on the front patio! We were forever taking shoes and newspapers back to our neighbours. Hope you manage to find a suitable scooter soon, it will be great for you to get out and about when you feel like it. As for the Rum, yes you do need to check it out and make sure it is o.k. Enjoy!!!!