Saturday, 31 July 2010

Islington Mill Knit Out

Today I went to the Islington Mill Knit Club. There were not many people there today . Perhaps they heard that I was going ;-) It was still nice to get out and about and near the cafe were some lovely flowers in tubs which I spent a while looking at. It was such a surprise to turn the corner of what is essentially a cobbled mill yard and find an oasis of colour. Hundreds of different coloured flowers in hanging basket and tubs. I wish that I had taken some photos for you to see. The mill is being done up and they have the builders in at the moment.
Some people who usually come to the Knit Club had to work and some were on holiday so I picked a quiet day to go down. I did take the bag of knitted and crocheted baby garments with me as Sylvia's daughter, Kath, was there and she can take them up to her Mum's for me. She will see her Mum next week whereas I won't see her unless I get a taxi up there. Some of the little cardigans I have made will fit the foster baby very soon as he is growing like mad and I didn't want to hold on to them any longer in case they were too small when he got them.
I gave Kath the faulty ball of Violet Green Gossamer and she is going to try to dye over the patches of white and perhaps ply it double as it is spider fine. I would never have made use of it and I don't like things languishing in my stash if I don't think that i am ever going to use them. I would rather pass them on.
I started a small slim crocheted scarf with some wool that Sylvia gave to me and will take a photo of it tomorrow. I think that I am stalling from starting the fine crochet. I am sure that if I get started then I will be OK. I might make a start on winding one of the skeins into a ball tonight so at least I will be part way ready to start crocheting.
I have put a photo of the old jacket pattern that I got the idea of the 3 coloured knitting for the baby jacket. I have also put the pattern stitch there so that you can see the method and perhaps add it to a pattern of your own sometime. It is a great way of using up those odd balls.
Funny sort of day today. One minute the sun comes out and the next minute it is raining. At least it doesn't seem as cold as it was yesterday. Whilst I was in the knit club a big wasp landed on my back and wouldn't fly away. Rachael had to try to bat it off my back when I went outside in the courtyard. It must have been attracted to the flowery top I was wearing and got confused thinking that I was part of the hanging and potted garden outside. Thank goodness I escaped unstung as I have a bad reaction to wasp and bee stings. Not bad enough to carry medication but one time I did finish up in A & E for an injection after a wasp stung my arm a few times. I was carrying washing in from drying outside and the wasp must have been in the folds of the garments.


June said...

The hat really makes a lovely outfit for a baby boy. Glad you were able to get out to the knit out Jan, it sounds lovely with all the pretty pots of flowers. As for the fine crochet, I say go for it girl as I am looking forward to seeing what you make, as I am sure it will be something really lovely.

Posy Linda said...

Now that sweet ensemble is complete. The little hat is adorable....