Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Are They Blue Or Green?

After I finished the knitted hooded jacket I went upstairs to my button stash left over from my Wool Shop days. I couldn't find any denim blue coloured buttons (the jacket has photographed lighter than it really is) so decided on some navy blue pearlised ones. I don't know if it's a trick of the light or I have gone colour blind but now they are stitched on the jacket they look positively green in some lights. Sylvia will have to sew some other buttons on if she thinks that they look a bit greenish. When I tilt the buttons different ways they keep changing colour.
I didn't do any knitting or crochet yesterday as my bones were aching. Not just my knees but also up my wrists and arms. I have days like these. I call them my little flare ups. The weather has turned a lot colder even though it was sunny in parts yesterday. The combination of the weather and my house cleaning probably did it for my bones.
I think that I have managed to get rid of my old recliner armchair. I put it on the Freecycle again and got an answer this time. Someone is supposed to be picking it up tonight. I do hope so and then I won't be dodging around it in the front room anymore. I was getting desperate to get rid of it as it takes up too much room since my new recliner got delivered.
I haven't wound my Laceweight wool yet as I didn't think that too much wrist action was a good idea until my arms stop aching. I have a ball winder but if the ball gets overlarge it decides to go all lop sided on me. I don't want any breaks in the yarn so don't want to divide it into two balls per skein. I will persevere with my hand balling. It will take me back to the many times in my youth when I either had to wind or hold the skein for my Mum and Aunties as all of the wool came in hanks in those days. My brother and I used to run and hide if we saw Mum reach out an unwound skein from her knitting bag!
I have started another knitted baby jacket with my oddments so I will try to finish that off before I wind any wool. My niece saw the Laceweight wool today and remarked how thin it was. I do hope that I haven't bitten off more than I can chew with it. I think it will be one of those projects where I work on other things as well as the fine crochet.
I went out on a coffee date yesterday. I had seen his photo and wasn't overly impressed but then I thought don't be unkind he might be a lovely person. I should have gone with my first instinct. He was OK to have a chat to but I don't think that he was smitten with me either as we had our coffee then went our separate ways with no mention of further contact. Whew. I wouldn't have gone in the first place but he lives in my small town so I didn't have to travel to meet up with him. Back to the drawing board again! I probably scared him half to death anyway as he was only a small, quiet nervous type of guy and I am an overlarge hit em between the eyes kind of lady.
My niece took me up to Tesco today and although I didn't buy much it was nice to go and choose some fresh food as the last couple of times I have had my order delivered. It's very convenient having it delivered but I seem to wind up spending an awful lot of money and still not having much fresh food in the house! I do hope that my son's friends come back from their holidays soon and they can sort me out with a mobility scooter. I miss the independence of going out to the local shops.


Anonymous said...

I think it's awesome that they change colors like that. What a cute little hoodie.

June said...

They look as though they suit the cute little Hoodie. Another great finish Jan.

SYlvia said...

Lewis says thanks again Aunty Jan

Posy Linda said...

I can't tell about the button color, but the little hoodie is so cute. Absolutely love the color. Great job!!!!