Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Laceweight Has Arrived

The laceweight from Violet Green arrived today. I am absolutely thrilled with the colour of the Blackberry and the wool Grignasco Merino Silk 2ply Lace Yarn. I am not very happy with the other colour or the wool. That's the trouble with ordering online you never seem to get exactly what you think that you ordered. The colours are actually far deeper than the photo and the Titiana Cashmere/Merino/ Silk Gossamer in Midnight Red is actually more of a maroon. The bit that I am unhappy about is the patches of cream that seem to have missed the dye altogether. It looks like where it was tied hasn't taken the dye plus is looks a bit ruffled up and unravelled looking in my opinion. I think this wool will get stashed and I will choose another colour for the shawl. The red cost £4 a skein more than the purple and yet doesn't look as good a quality. It is so thin that I will probably use it doubled for another project and hope that the cream bits get hidden in the work.
Today has been a busy morning. Not only did the postman arrive but the order from Tesco did too. Fortunately Buster was in the garden digging his way under my steps as his ball had gone underneath them and defied all attempts to dislodge it. He didn't notice that I had closed the patio door on him and he didn't see the delivery men as they didn't ring the doorbell.
We did manage to retrieve the ball in the end after a lot of fishing about underneath the step with my walking stick and a lot of digging on Buster's part. Fortunately we had just finished before the torrential rain started.
I have managed to finish off the knitted cardigan for the foster baby boy. The wool is Sirdar Snuggly DK shade 0411. I am not keen on the brown buttons but I didn't have the right shade of cream or beige. Sylvia can always change them if she doesn't like them. I made this cardigan a little larger ready for the autumn although with this cold weather the baby has been wearing a cardigan every day. I have started a bit of crocheting as my wrist is aching from the knitting. I also have developed a pain in my arm between my elbow and my shoulder. It's probably because I haven't knitted for a while.
It's time for a coffee and to watch Loose Women. I will have another browse on the net to find a better colour for my shawl. I think that I prefer the Grignasco wool so I will see what other colours they have in that. I don't mind the dark purple as that is for the cover cardigan but I am more of a rich jewel colour type of person and maroon just doesn't thrill me at all.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you. Can't you return it? I would send them a picture of what you received and ask them to replace it with something else and to send you postage to return it. I do like the deeper purple. It's quite lovely. The cardigan is precious, Jan. Absolutely perfect.

Anonymous said...

send it back Jan as it isn't what you ordered. Lace is an absolute pain to wind if it isn't perfectly straight or at least that is what I find. You don't want missing colour sections like that.

Mad about Craft said...

I think you should send it back too! It's too expensive just to accept! Poor quality control, I know its hand dyed and there will be colour variation but there shouldn't be colour missing!!!

lalltop said...

I agree with everyone else, send it back. I am knitting a pair of socks that are a deep blue and a purple color and there are places in this that have a white/cream color spot where it was tied. I would send it back because it is very noticable but it was given to me. I hope you resolve this and get something nice in it's place or your money back. I would also demand the shipping costs back too.

marg41 said...

I agree with all the other comments. You have paid a lot of money for the yarn, and it is not what paid for. They should replace the yarn and also send it to you postage free. I often look on the internet for yarn and embroidery threads, but I am afraid that they may not be what I thought they would be!! Love the cardigan, it looks great. Love to Buster!!!

sue said...

what a beautiful cream sweater!