Friday, 16 July 2010

Hey - Isn't This My Chair ?

As a family we tend to pass possessions between us. My old recliner belonged firstly to my late ex Father in Law and we inherited it after his death. When my Son got his first house the recliner went with him before coming back to me when he got married and moved house. When my son first got Buster as a bewildered, beaten, half starved, 10 month old pup, who had already had 3 owners, he had attachment issues and wanted to be with people all of the time. This chair was in my son's bedroom and the pup claimed it as his bed as he would not stay downstairs on his own.. Ten years later he came into my front room today and saw the chair minus it's usual covers and cushions that had previously disguised it. It took him about ten minutes of sniffing it before he curled up on it and promptly went to sleep. As Buster is here with me for a week I am hoping that no-one does want the chair this week as he is so happy to have his old bed back. Animals never forget. If I could take him for a walk he would go exactly the same route as we used to walk and stop at the same spots for me to throw a ball or a stick. It's like he has never been away. He just falls right back into the same routine.
My neighbours would walk him for me but because of his insecurities he won't let a member of the family out of his sight and go with them. He will have to make do with some ball throwing in the back garden for exercise. The dogs from next door will probably come through the hedge to play with him over the weekend.
I have finished off the little knitted cardigan for the foster baby boy. .It took me most of today to sew in all of the tails. I always forget that bit when I start knitting the cardigan. It's worse than making stripes and granny squares. It is a good way of using up oddments of wool though. I have had the pattern for years and I doubt that it is available. It is Robin 15278. I have made this pattern many times and it works just as well using darker colours. I made one for a friend's baby in dark red, dark blue, aubergine ,black, maroon .and gold. She said every time he wore it people stopped to ask where she bad bought it.
I am still hoping that now I have returned to my knitting that I might finish off the hooded jackets. I have really gone off the colour and I think that is half the problem.The wool that I have ordered for my fine crochet probably won't come until next week and even then I won't start it right away as I don't want it covered in Buster hair.Anything dark or with wool attracts Buster's hair like a magnet. I will make something else smaller if I can't bring my self to knit the hooded jackets.
Buster has now gone to sleep right in the middle of all of the left over balls of wool from the baby cardigan. Cheers Buster! I just hope that he doesn't tangle them all up. It's almost time for his dinner so the sound of his food hitting his dish will wake him up and then I can move the balls of wool from the sofa.


Anonymous said...

OH, that cardigan is SO cute. It's definitely one of my favorites that you have done (along with the other 32 or so).

June said...

Buster looks so comfortable in his chair. He certainly makes himself at home when he comes to visit you. The little cardigan is really pretty and a good way to use up odds and ends.

marg41 said...

Buster looks so happy and contented! Your son is a very lucky guy to have a Mum who looks after his dog so well!!! They are great company, and I am sure you just love him to bits!!!!
Love the little cardigan, so very cute.