Monday, 12 July 2010

Blue Heaven Sweater Finished

I have finished the Blue Heaven Sweater From the Crochet Closet book by Lisa Gentry. In the UK this would be called a cardigan or a jacket. A sweater in the UK is something that does not open at the front but simply pulls over the head and has a neckband.
It has been an extremely economical cardigan to make as I had the wool in stash. It has taken 400 grams of Sportimo DK that I bought from Lidl a couple of years ago. I think that I paid £4 for a pack of 500 grams. It is, of course, all acrylic but as I can't wear wool then acrylic is my yarn of choice anyway.
I was very unsure about the sleeves all the time that I was crocheting the cardigan but now it is finished I quite like the bell shape at the end of the sleeves.
I feel sure that I will make it again although next time I will make the sleeves longer and unshaped at the bottom for a bit of extra warmth. The stitch is easy to do. Just one row to repeat and it has made quite a close fabric which is great for any everyday garment. Loose lacy fabrics look very pretty but I tend to get hooked up on doorhandles etc as I pass by. The only alteration that I made to the pattern was to work the body longer than stated on the pattern as waist length cardigans are not very flattering to a plus sized lady. I like to think that a longer cardigan skims over my body and makes me look a wee bit slimmer.
I got an e mail last night telling me that my new Kristin Omdahl book I pre ordered from Amazon is on it's way. This was a nice surprise as it's predicted issue date is a few weeks away. I shall look forward to that arriving. I have seen lots of the patterns previewed on Ravelry but it's not the same as getting the book to drool over.
I got a phone call this morning telling me that they are delivering my new recliner armchair tomorrow morning so I am hoping that someone on Freegle answers me and wants to take the old recliner away very soon as I really don't have room in the lounge for two recliners as well as the two sofas in there.
Maybe I will force myself to get back to the boys knitting now that I have finished off the blue crochet. I don't really want to start anything large in case the crochet book comes tomorrow morning and I have some wool in stash that is suitable for something in the book. I will keep you posted and of course give you a preview of the book should it arrive tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Oh Jan, that is beautiful on you. The color is smashing. I hope you get your book soon. I love that you preview them for us.

Neen said...

lovely, just lovely

Enid said...

Hi Jan, hope this is a better week for you. Good that the dogs behaved for you. Can imagine what fun the neighbours have looking for shoes.
The blue jacket is really gorgeous. I think the sleeves will be good over a jumper with full length sleeves. Will give ease of movement for your arms.

glor said...

How beautiful is this sweater and looks fabulous on you.

LiaGovers said...

Very beautiful!