Monday, 20 April 2009

Oh how I love the sun

I love the sun. I was meant for warmer climes. My tired old bones and my arthritis warm up lovely with a bit of sunshine. Housework - forget it for tomorrow it may rain.

I was out most of the day today crocheting and reading in the garden. My chest is as red as a baboon's bum despite my sunscreen but I am of the optimistic nature that what turns red will eventually turn brown. I want a bit of colour for the wedding on Saturday. I had tried some of the tinted suncream at the weekend and turned a streaky shade of yellow so I am hoping that the sun will rectify my stripiness. Another day of sun tomorrow please!
The only problem is that my colour will all be at the front as I can't lie on my knee on the sun lounger to get the back of me and my legs tanned. It's far too painful to put that kind of pressure on my knee. I will have to stay with my back to the wall at all times at the wedding. Perhaps I will have to stand with my back to the sun tomorrow.

I have almost finished the Haru/Cinnabar/Mei Mei cardigan I only have a couple more rows plain to do on the body before I do the
4 rows of bolero shaping and then will only have the border to do.

I didn't get to the Kings Arms Knitting Club tonight as Charlie isn't well and there is no way that I can walk far enough to go by bus and tram. The trams are stopping at Victoria for the next 5 months for track renovations in the city centre and I would have to walk from there to Shudehill to catch the bus. They are laying on shuttle buses but they run from Corporation Street and that is more than half way to Shudehill from Victoria so no point waiting 20 mins for a bus for half a stop. At times like these I really miss not having my car anymore but I am sure that once I am fully mobile again then I will be OK.

The flowering cherry tree is at it's best today and so far the winds haven't destroyed it and blown it's petals down the street. I hope that I will have another couple of days to enjoy it. It is a beautiful tree but it's blossom lasts such a short time. One year we went on holiday and missed it's flowering altogether. We went away when it was budding and came back to just leaves and no flowers. They had all blown away!


Zu said...

It was a beautiful day again here as well. All this good weather is making me nervous! lol I'm expecting something bad to happen to even it out.
That baboons bum comment had me crackin up! lol

Mad about Craft said...

I was also cracked up by the baboon comment.

I saw the news item about the calender in this month's 'Knitting' mag, it's looking good!

ambermoggie said...

Love the mental picture of the sunburn:)