Tuesday, 21 April 2009

My crochet jacket is finished but the sun has gone in

I settled down to another lovely day in the back garden but after a couple of hours the sun has disappeared and clouds are here instead.
I guess that I will just have to go food shopping instead. I have been putting it off for a week but as I really don't like shopping but as I have run out of bread and milk I guess I had better reach my 4 wheeler out from the garage, put some real clothes on and sally forth.

I have finished off the jacket. It is difficult to describe it. For anyone with a Doris Chan Everyday Crochet book - it started off as a Haru, has the sleeves of Jewel without the tapering and the curved bottom edge similar to the Mei Mei. I will continue with the 4ply cardigan as that will be prettier than this jacket and I may finish it off in time for the wedding on Saturday.

My knee woke me a couple of times last night so I didn't get a good night's sleep. I have rearranged my CPAP check appointment for Friday as I don't think I can walk from the Metro station to the hospital and back again. I don't want to ruin my trip to the wedding by making my knee too sore to walk on it.

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