Friday, 17 April 2009

Apparently I am a Chanatic

Ravelry have a Doris Chan forum and yesterday Skeinfest started a topic on who was a Chanatic (Doris Chan Fanatic) and how many projects had anyone made plus how many had made a design more than once. Skeinfest has made 13 and when I counted up I was amazed to find that this latest project will be my 21st! A lot are repeats of the same pattern. Some are adaptations of her designs but I still attribute them to her as they started off using her patterns before they morphed into one of mine. Zuleika (Life in the Zu) said ages ago that I was a Doris Chan groupie and now I think that she might be right. In my defence I will stay that most of them were for family and friends and didn't finish up in my wardrobe.

Last night I started the Haru from Everyday Crochet but it will evolve a little as I will put long sleeves on it and some kind of a front fastening.It will be a bit of Haru but with the sleeves of Cinnabar. I may put the front shaping of Mei Mei on it but I haven't as yet made my mind up about that. I am using Robin Double Knitting that I bought from Abakhan yesterday.

I have taken a photo of the tree in my garden. It is one of the flowering cherry family but I have forgotten it's exact name. It flowers every year and the minute the flowers come out it is always a signal for the high winds to start and blow all the flowers away within a couple of weeks. Such a shame. So pretty for such a short time. The street will look like a churchyard scattered with confetti after a wedding in a few days time. I love the red colours of the bush underneath the tree. Again as I am not a gardener I have no idea what it is called.

I have strapped my knee up with a crepe bandage today and am staying home to rest it. I keep hoping that one day it will be back to normal. The sooner the better as far as I am concerned. I get stir crazy when I have to stay in for too long.

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