Friday, 3 April 2009

My Interweave Crochet Spring 2009 magazine has arrived

My Interweave crochet Magazine Spring 2009 arrived yesterday afternoon. I grabbed a coffee and settled down for a good browse. I must confess though that I am somewhat disappointed with this issue. I don't think it is half as good as previous ones or maybe I am just getting jaded.

The crochet socks would be OK as bed socks but I cannot imagine putting my shoes on over them as they are far too thick. The shoulder cape is rather run of the mill, I have seen far nicer. The green summer top is nice but not for me with my bingo wing arms. The baby top hood looks like it is made for someone with a head twice the baby's size. The purple motif jacket is so similar to many more that I have seen that it doesn't really appeal to me even though I am a purple lover.

I do like the crochet circle motif jacket but as circles are my pet hate and to be avoided at all cost I will just admire it and move on. The diagram alone is enough to bring on palpitations! I have never mastered the art of crocheting circles together as I go along. I have tried many times to do circles but I have now decided that as I enjoy crochet so much I am not going to start things that I know will annoy me intensely and so will never get finished. I crochet for pleasure and relaxation not to get revved up when a pattern annoys me.

I was knitting last night so no more crochet motifs have been made. My sock monkey is armless,legless and earless and so is bearing a remarkable resemblance to Homer Simpson at the moment.

I am not going to speak about my knee as it is driving me mad. It is far more painful now that it was just after the op. Grrr.


Knitting Nurd said...

I saw this issue the other day and I have to agree with you Jan. Especially on the socks! Hope your knee gets better soon!!!!

Zu said...

That's too bad, it's so hard to find a decent crochet mag.
I hope your knee feels better sweetheart.