Friday, 24 April 2009

How to jazz up a walking stick for a wedding

My walking stick is rather battered but as I will need to carry it tomorrow at the wedding I decided to jazz it up with a few crochet flowers. I know that the flowers aren't very Spring like in their colour but as my dress is cream with these shades in it plus a bit of black and my cardigan is black I didn't want to introduce any more colours into my ensemble. I found the flower pattern on You Tube. It is one of Teresa's crochet tutorials and is called Crochet Pansies. My pansies only have 4 petals though instead of the 5 on the video as my wool is a lot thicker than the crochet cotton that she uses. Even now my pansies don't lie flat. I stitched them to a black band of crochet and stitched that band directly onto my stick stretching it taut as I sewed. I will have to hope that it doesn't start slowly sliding down the stick as I walk!

The Bolton Knitting Noras have been featured in a few knitting magazines with regard to our future Naked Knitting Calendar We are in Let's Knit, Knitting and Simply Knitting as well as being featured in Rowan's May newsletter. If you click on the blog title it will take you to the Naked Knitting Calendar blog with the full story.

My 4ply cardigan will not be finished in time for the wedding as I suspected. Last night I only managed a couple of rows before falling asleep. I have been having too many broken nights of late. I will try to finish it off although I need to start my project for the Calendar as it will be required soon for a photo shoot. I still have most of one front, 2 sleeves, front bands and all of the fancy edgings to make so it will be a few days before it is finished.

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Mad about Craft said...

Your pansies are lovely and I hope you really enjoy the wedding.