Saturday, 11 April 2009

Guard Dog on Duty

Buster here. I am waiting for my walk which doesn't look like it is happening anytime soon. Gran is having a whinge about her knee hurting her after walking me yesterday. She is such an old grump. Did I moan when she woke me twice in the night screaming in pain when I accidentally lay on her knee? I can't help being a sturdy kind of guy. If she took me out then I could walk off my breakfast. If I sit here and give her one of my baleful looks and big sighs that might work.

I have been a free guard dog for her since I got here. Protecting the house from marauding paper girls and postmen who keep putting unwanted bits of paper through our letterbox. I lie on the sofa, looking asleep with my ball, in wait until I hear a noise, then I am on full alert looking out of the window until I see an unsuspecting passer by. I had a laugh yesterday when I scared the papergirl half to death. I waited until she had put the paper half way in the letterbox and then I leapt on the chair and barked up a storm. Boy did she jump high!

Gran is whinging again something about dog hair on her crochet. I am glad she has moved those square things. I nearly poked my eye out on one of the pins she used to put them on this board thing. Silly place to put a board when I am galloping about chasing a ball. I am glad she has moved it into the corner. Now she is saying that she only has 7 more squares to crochet and will I be a good dog whilst she makes them. Ha I might be if you take me out for a walk Gran.

My pouting seems to be working I can see that she is feeling guilty now and is revving up to take me out. I can't wait to chase a stick and roll in the smelly stream then come in and jump on the cream sofa before she has time to clean my feet. What fun. It's a dog's life!

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