Sunday, 19 April 2009

Lovely Sunny Day

I awoke today to a beautiful sunny day. All thoughts of doing any chores went on hold and I decided that the day was so gorgeous I would spend it with my crochet out in the garden.

I sat there in the sunshine hearing nothing but birdsong and the occasional wuff from my next door neighbour Julie's dogs. Then from a couple of houses away I heard a newborn baby mewing and I thought back to when we first moved here 41 yrs ago as newlyweds. Then it was us who had the mewing baby and we were the young ones of the street. My older neighbours have either passed away, moved to bungalows or sheltered accommodation and now I am one of the oldies on the street. The houses have gradually changed hands and young couples have moved in. We have had 4 new babies born in the last 12 months and I have noticed that both of the new neighbours who moved in this year are expecting. Once again the street will be filled with young children.

When we moved here the couple who were selling the house told us that they were reluctant to sell the house as they loved the location, the sunshine and privacy of the back garden but needed to move to a bungalow. At the time we thought it was just a selling point but came to realise how right they were. After my marriage broke up I fought hard to keep the house even though it was a financial struggle as I love the location also. I am on a street of houses but as you can see from the views from my back and front I am surrounded with greenery and have a woodland just at the end of my street. Everyone who calls remarks on the view from my back rooms. People who have stayed with me have remarked how quiet it is and yet I am only 5 minutes away from a motorway.

Today as I did my crochet in the garden several birds visited me, a few cats and Julie's dogs who made their way through the hedge to visit me. The only raucous noise was a cheeky magpie who strutted his stuff up and down the garden.

I have now done quite a bit of the body of the black Haru and some of one sleeve which I am making full length. I am considering making the bottom of the jacket with bolero type shaping as in the Mei Mei illustrated on the Everyday Crochet book's front cover

Thanks Knitnurd for the tips about the cardboard box for my knee. I slept most of last night but I did waken up almost skewered on one of the legs of the bathroom tidy as I can only fit one leg inside the "cage" Talk about up close and personal it's a good job that the leg has a plastic knob on the end! I think I had better try to search out a box at the grocery store soon.


Zu said...

It was a gorgeous sunny day over here as well. You live in a very pretty and picturesque area. :-)

Knitting Nurd said...

You are very welcome, Jan! You have a lovely home and I'm glad you were able to keep it! I live down the street from an elementary school, so I hear children all day long! lol