Sunday, 26 April 2009

Bride and Groom - Kath and Chris

Introducing the Bride and Groom - Kath my niece and her husband Chris who married in the Manchester Art Gallery on Saturday.

It was a lovely day with the sun shining. The bride was, of course, stunning in a tailored short dress made in a style reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn or Jackie Onassis. She is very slender so suits the tailored line of the dress, The groom was suitably nervous and paced about in the Lowry room before the bride arrived.

It did feel at first slightly odd to be wandering around an art gallery on the way to a wedding. I must go back someday soon for a better look around. The wedding had some hilarity when two funny poems were read out. One by my elder niece and one by the sister of the bridegroom who won the prize with her family for travelling the furthest to attend the wedding. They live in Australia.

As my niece and her husband signed the register some wag in the congregation remarked that they might have put a more cheerful picture on the wall instead of some guy pushing a handcart in the rain. Perhaps he missed the point that this is the Lowry Room and the artist isn't really noted for cheerful colourful scenes.

I had my photo taken with the family almost underneath a huge picture of naked ladies frolicking about. I thought it was rather apt in view of the Naked Knitting Calendar.

The tables were set for our meal in the modern glass extension and a nice touch was the floral arrangements were in silver tubs and guests were invited to take them home and plant them in their gardens if they so wished. I got a pot of white daisies which I will plant later in the week. Each plate setting also got a packet of poppy seeds with the request to sow them as a reminder of the wedding which I thought was a novel idea.

We had a lovely meal and then as my brother described it - the dreaded disco. Everyone had been asked to chose 3 songs they would guarantee that they got up and danced so the music was what everyone had chosen rather than the DJ's choice. The bride and groom's friends were dancing right up until the end of the night including the bride who kicked off her shoes towards the end!

I wish the Bride and Groom a long life together and that they have a good honeymoon in Morocco.

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