Saturday, 18 April 2009

Necessity is the mother of all inventions

Necessity is the mother of all inventions was one of my Father's favourite expressions. What has that got to do with my blog you may ask. In the wee small hours this morning I woke up in extreme pain as per usual when even the duvet was causing more pain to my knee with it's heaviness. I have tried over the last couple of weeks to make a nest for my knee using pillows and nothing seemed to work. Last night I got up for a bathroom trip and to try to walk the pain off when my eyes spotted the under washbasin tidy. Brain wave. It's circular and could make a cage for the bedding to keep the weight off my knee. I threw all the contents off it and limped in the bedroom with it. Eureka. Instant leg cage. It must have worked as I slept the rest of the night and work up in a lot less pain than usual.

My niece came today to do my roots ready for her sister's wedding next Saturday and had such a laugh when I showed her the new use for the bathroom tidy. She said it doesn't matter how silly it looks as long as it works. She then made me feel better by saying that her work colleague had the same op and felt worse for a few weeks but is now glad that she had the op done as all is fine.

The jacket is progressing slowly and I have high hopes of it being finished to wear for the wedding.

The first photo is one of the promotional photos taken for the Knitting Noras Naked Knitting Calendar. Lisa, Vicky and Bev are shown wearing nothing but shawls and I presume big smiles as by all accounts they had a whale of a time taking the photos last week. I am proud that 2 of the shawls used in the photo came from my hands. The adaptation of Blue Curacao by Doris Chan worn by Lisa on the left and the Sweet Pea shawl from Stitch and Bitch worn by Bev on the right. I hope that you are all following our blogs and if anyone wants to pre order a calendar then please visit the TKN web page (no money required at this stage) and show us some support. The Naked Knitting blog is updated regularly to show which stage of the calendar we are up to presently. Follow the links from my favourite blogs on the right hand side of the page.

Another of the Knitting Noras has ventured into blogland. Eadaoin has her own blog and I will post the link on my favourite blogs links. Eadaoin has a dry sense of humour and always makes me smile with her quirky comments. She always has a quick come back comment whereas I think of my comments much later when I am alone and in bed. It's amazing the funny things I say then, I even make myself laugh. I must have a delayed response.

Today is sunny but rather chilly. I can hear my neighbour Julie's lawn mower whirring away making me feel rather guilty that my grass is similar to the verse in Oklahoma where they sing the grass is as high as an elephant's eye! Maybe I can totter the mower down the steps after lunch.

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Knitting Nurd said...

Jan, you take care of that knee!! One of the things we used to do when I worked at a skilled nursing facility with my diabetes patients was place a cardboard box with a cutout under the blankets for them to place their feet in. The weight of the blankets hurt their sensitive feet and the box kept them off so they could sleep. You've done a good job though with the bathroom tidy...if it works, who cares what it looks like!
I love the photo of the naked Noras...very nice!!!