Wednesday, 29 April 2009

I think I am my street's dog warden

I spent yesterday afternoon trying to track down my neighbour from across the road. His beautiful Alaskan husky type dog had got himself tangled up in the woodpile and 2 bikes and because he was pinned down by his harness and lead proceeded to howl the neighbourhood down. I could see his predicament but as they have 5 ft fences and padlocked gates I could do nothing to free him. I finally tracked someone with his mobile number and left a message for him on his ansaphone. Eventually he came home and untangled his dog. I had to rescue the dog not long ago when he broke the fence panel down and was running up and down the street.

Today my next door neighbour presented me with Zippy the Staffordshire bull terrier from up the street who had got loose and didn't have a phone number on his collar for us to contact his owner who was at work. After a few whiny moments he settled down to a body massage and a tummy tickle. he had a sleep and then we played ball for the rest of the afternoon. Owner and Zippy were eventually re-united when she came home from work but Zippy decided he wanted to stay with me! He had to be bribed away with one of Buster's balls. I am thinking of starting a doggie day care service when I am fully fit again.

Needless to say not much crochet was done today and I also found out that Buster isn't the only dog who sheds like mad and will have to hoover my black crochet to rid it of Zippy's hairs now. I did manage to finish the border at the bottom of the cardigan. I now have a sleeve and a half to do plus the bands.

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Mad about Craft said...

A doggy day care centre seems like a good idea to me.

Staffies shed like mad, I can't believe how much hair comes off Meg.