Monday, 13 April 2009

"Granny takes a trip" is blocking

All it needs now is 3 crochet buttons and Granny Takes a Trip is finished. If you like making heaps of granny squares, have lots of oddments and like standing out in a crowd then you can get the pattern by clicking on the blog title. I hope that Lisa will like it when she sees it. I will try to post better photos tomorrow without all the pins and with buttons. The sleeves are really wide and hard to show whilst it is blocking out on boards.

A friend used to tell me that I was good at making something out of nothing and I must admit that it gives me a thrill to see a garment made from bits and pieces that some people might throw away or knit toys or stripey scarves with. I used some of Lisa's oddments plus some of my oddments from stash and between us we didn't buy one ball of wool for this jacket.

I am going to start a jacket tonight for me to wear at my niece's wedding and guess what. The jacket I like best has motifs included in it. At least they are not multi coloured granny squares as I feel all grannied out at the moment. Every time I finish off a biggish project using granny squares I say never again but a few weeks further down the line I start again. They are such a good way of using oddments up in a decorative way.

Buster is going home tonight. I will have a mammoth clean up, knee permitting, tomorrow and de hair the house.


ambermoggie said...

Fabulous Jan, I love it:)

June said...

Amazing Jan! Looking forward to more pictures tomorrow.

stormina_teacup said...

I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT! Can't wait to wear it! I bet it goes down a storm in the knitting tent at the festies. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Lx

Zu said...

That is amazing Jan! That'll stand out in any crowd! :-)

Anonymous said...
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