Saturday, 4 April 2009

Armless and Tail -less Sock Monkey

The sock monkey is progressing very slowly. I still have a tail and two arms to knit and stuff. I find it very slow going on 4 needles. I hope to finish it over the weekend and get back to my crochet squares once again. I had a break last night and crocheted him a scarf and hat to wear. He is going to Kentucky when he is finished and I hope to post him off next week.

Today is nice and sunny but not very warm. At least it is drying all the washing on the line. I had high hopes of a warm day when I first woke up to sunshine but sadly the sunshine didn't last long.

I had a visitor today. Charlie came with her small daughter and brought me a present of two packs of wool. She found them at Abakhan. A pack of Patons Moonglow and a pack of Patons Fairytale Velvet. I haven't decide what I will make with them but by the time I have finished the granny square jacket I am sure that I will have decided on a project.


sylvia said...

Monkey looks brill but armless well done.

June said...

Sock Monkey is looking great. I have lots of questions about him though, like who thought of him in the first place, what happens to him in the end, how many people are making Sock Monkeys, etc. I had never heard about them before seeing one on TV when you appeared with the Knitting Noras.

Zu said...

That was nice of her to get that yarn for you. :-)
I know you'll be making something with it pretty soon. :-)

I'm pretty sure I've ordered yarn from the Abakhan website. It sounds familiar.