Tuesday, 7 April 2009

More than half way there

I am more than half way through the jacket now. I have made 38 of the 76 squares and am now on the duplications of each square so at least I don't have to dream up different colourways for every square anymore. That took the longest. Searching through the squares to make sure I had each one different. Now I just grab the colours I had used before and make a duplicate square. As I have already made the godets or inserts for the sleeves I just have to concentrate on finishing off the squares.

I am going to try to get up to the Post Office today to post off Thelonious Sock Monkey. I will take my 4 wheeler trolley to lean on as I hobble up there. The knee is a bit less painful each day.

I am looking after Buster over the Easter holidays so am hoping that my knee will be recovered enough to be able to walk him in the woods. Julie, my next door neighbour, is looking after her mum's dog as well as her own and has said that she will walk with me so at least Buster will have some doggy companions to walk with.

The sun is trying to shine today. I just wish that it would get a bit warmer so I could get my sun lounger out and sit out in the garden. I always feel so much better when the sun shines. I think we all do. A bit of sunshine is what we all need after all the gloom and doom of the last few months. Problems seem to recede in the sunshine plus a wee bit of a suntan makes us all look a lot healthier.

I didn't manage to get to the Kings Arms Knit Out last night as Charlie who offers me a lift had to finish off a journalist project by today and so was busy working last night. The only time that I miss not having a car of my own any more is when it is Knit Out days and nights. Maybe I should learn how to ride a motorbike as they are much cheaper to run.


June said...

You are doing a great job on the granny square cardigan and I can't wait to see it finished. Glad your knee is not so painful, hope it keeps improving.

stormina_teacup said...

I can't wait to wear it!! Well, actually I'll be waiting much less than if I'd been doing it.....Jan you are the fastest crocheter in the West!!!

Mad about Craft said...

You could always get a mobility scooter and charge around the countyside breaking every highway code rule going!!!!