Thursday, 23 April 2009

Doris likes my cardigan

I am so chuffed. Doris Chan has left me a comment on my black cardigan on Ravelry. She must like my adaptation of her patterns. I alter patterns at whim to suit myself but I would never really call myself a designer as I pinch bits of ideas from other people and work on them and do things my way. I am more of a pattern adaptor. I look at things and make a copy(ish) of them. I frequently get asked did you write it down or can you tell me how you did it and I can't. I wing things as I go along and never make exactly the same thing twice. No-one would understand my pattern writing anyway. On the odd times I have written down my adaptations even I can't understand what I mean when I come to read them back later so what chance has anyone else!

The wool that you see today arrived by post for me to crochet a project for use in the Naked Knitting Calendar. The wool is 90% Alpaca and feels absolutely gorgeous. I am really going to enjoy working with this. If you want to know more about Debbie Tomkies who dyed and donated this wool to us then click on my blog title. She runs some dyeing workshops that quite a few of the Knitting Noras have attended and had great fun at them. Debbie is supporting us on her home page and will be at Wonderwool for those of you fortunate enough to be going this weekend. If you see Debbie then please tell her Hi from me and that I LOVE her wool and do go along to her stall and scrunch her wool as it's yummy. I hope that my crochet will do the wool justice.

I shall refrain from making a knee comment today except to say that I have resorted to Comfrey Oil. My mother used to swear by Comfrey and my grandad used to grow it on his allotment. Any sprains etc we used to have to stick the relevant bit in a bucket with comfrey leaves boiled up with water. It used to look and smell disgusting but I do remember it did the trick most times. I think when I start to cultivate my garden pots again I shall start growing some medicinal herbs along with the vegetables. I can't remember what a lot of them were that grew in grandad's allotment but he seemed to have something growing for most ailments. I know Ambermoggie will know I must ask her when she gets back from Wonderwool.

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