Friday, 10 April 2009

Everything stops whilst Buster is here

My Easter visitor arrived last night and so my square crocheting slowed down to a crawl. I only managed to make 4 last night. So much for my hopes of finishing the jacket this weekend.

Buster takes over the whole house when he arrives and demands a lot of attention. Last night it was either fighting on the sofa, throwing his ball or him sitting on my lap! When he is home he has the other dog to play and fight with but here there is only me.

We went for a walk this lunchtime with Julie from next door and her dogs Buddy and Poppy. Thankfully they kept Buster entertained and Julie threw him sticks so he came home rather muddy but knackered.I came home with a very sore knee even though I cut the walk short. Hopefully Buster will sleep all afternoon and I can get a few more squares done. There is no way I can walk him again today.

My son brought me a lovely colourful Easter plant and card. I think it was in place of the Mother's Day present that I didn't get because he was full of the flu that weekend and didn't call. I have no idea what plant it is as it came without a label. The orchid type plant is still growing another shoot and there appears to be a bud appearing on one of the old stems from last year so I am hopeful of more flowers this year.

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sylvia said...

your plant is beautiful and its a Begonia Buster looks well