Thursday, 27 March 2008

Watch out, there's a thief about!

The thief I refer to is, of course , unknown and living in Camden. No disrespect to the people of Camden as I am sure they only have the same percentage of thieves as we do in Manchester. It's just the place my soon to be "birthday girl " niece Kath was visiting at the time when some lovely person decided to steal her handbag. It isn't the possessions that were in it. It's the inconvenience and expense of replacing her phone, purse and of course cancelling her bank cards etc. Sorry you are having such a lousy run up to your birthday Kath.
Speaking of Kath the first photo is the lump of crochet that will hopefully one day soon be Kath's cardigan. The second photo shows that I did buy a red exercise book with the sole purpose of writing down my many adaptations of patterns. I started off OK and wrote cryptic "only I can understand" notes about the back and then I unravelled (re-designed) the front so many times that I lost the will to write. I then remembered that the front should have had a shaped bolero style curve at its front edge but guess what Kath - your second one doesn't have that as I have started the second front now and I don't feel inclined to unravel (re-design) once again. I will just tell her that I wanted the second jacket to look different to the first. Crocheters licence?
I will need another ball of the yarn so I am hoping that my other niece Vic ( otherwise known as yarn slave according to Kath ) will visit Ramsbottom and get me a ball (or maybe two) I also need some nice wool for my sister in law as she has hinted how much she liked the black crochet shawl that I made for her at Christmas and it is her birthday later in April so I thought it would be nice to make her another. I hope that maybe she will like a lighter colour this time. I love my family but 3 Birthdays in the same month it's like Christmas for a second time.
Perched on my red book is my new purchase. A pair of rather snazzy glasses in a sparkly red case. I went wild and bought them even though they stretched the budget by a whopping £3.99. I got them from the chemist and they will be a boon for the teeny writing that has suddenly appeared on all of my patterns and the newspaper. Yes I know I should visit the opticians but let me get my credit card bill back to a reasonable level first.
I got my letter from the hospital outlining the procedure for my back operation. I already knew what they planned but it just seems more scary seeing it written down in black and white especially the bit that says "this is expected to be a long procedure". Aarghh! There is also a bit that says I have agreed to lose more weight before the operation, Oops, so I did. I had better sew up my mouth quickly and stop snacking forthwith.
The last photo is of course Buster who is totally uninpressed with all of this photo taking and blogging and wants to know why we have not gone out for a walk yet. Sorry B but it's Loose Women on the tv in a few minutes so maybe after that?
I almost forgot. I got a message on Ravelry from someone who's blog I have been reading for ages and is on my favourite list. Thanks The Knitting Mama. I feel like royalty from the US has visited my site. I avidly read US blogs every day but rarely de-lurk (as they say in the US) to leave comments. I suppose I should as I am so thrilled when people leave comments on mine (Except for the ones I have to remove who leave links to bugs and trojans of course) Anything that says click here or there please don't do it before I have a chance to remove them.
To my blog friends in the UK who regularly leave me comments. Thanks so much. They make my day!


June said...

I am in Essex in the UK and I read your blog every day and really enjoy it. I have not got a blog of my own, but like reading them. I am also a crochet addict and am going to Olympia in London tomorrow to the knitting and stitching show and I am hoping to get some bargain yarns there.

Mad about Craft said...

If you are a virgin 'off the peg' specs buyer you will find them invaluable. I have pairs all over the house, in my handbag, in the car and at work!

Rose said...

Hi Jan, yet another good post on your blog. You have a really good sense of humour. Love the crochet book will try to get one when I come over to UK. You will have sore eyes doing it in black but I am sure it will be appreciated. Will email you later today ok love Rose x x

knitty, witty, woo ( Tracey ). said...

just like me...can't miss loose women, especially when Coleen is on (she's so funny).
Your cardigan looks great, I love the colour.