Sunday, 2 March 2008

Mothers Day

It's Mothers Day today just in case you hadn't guessed from the title. I had a lovely bunch of flowers in my favourite colours, a box of chocolates and a Terry's Chocolate Orange (empty box on show because Orange did not last long hee hee) I had a card from the family and a lovely home made card from my great grand daughter Kacey (with a little help from Mummy as she is only 2) again in my favourite colours. What more could I wish for. Kacey had a sore tongue and wasn't in the best of moods but I still got a smile from her. Her younger sister Emily was sleeping until she got woken up by Kacey squeeking Buster's ball. Emmie was non too pleased with this and as she is a grumpy babe at the best of time you can imagine the scowls on her face when she was rudely awoken.

Yesterday was a great day out. My friend Vicky came and gave me a lift to the Holiday Inn in Bolton where there was an exhibition which was part of the International Womens week. There were several diverse stalls and the Knitting Noras were there to promote knitting and help if anyone wanted to learn to knit. Our group had it's photo taken with the lady Mayor of Bolton (who was also knitting)so maybe we will make the papers. There was disruption in the form of a protest. Some women didn't like the fact that there was a stall promoting pole dancing and had placards. It apparently got a bit out of hand when they started throwing the woman's garments about that she had for sale and the police had to be called. I missed all of the excitement as I was knitting away on my chair in a different part of the hall. I can see both sides of the argument. I can see why some women might think that pole dancing is exploitation of women and had no right to be included in the exhibition but on the other hand the lady with the stall was not girating about on her pole dressed in a sexy costume I think she was promoting it as a form of exercise but to be truthful I didn't take much notice of her stall. I thought that Women's week was all about women making their own decisions about what to do with their lives. I wouldn't want to be (nor could be) a pole dancer but if someone has a burning desire to be one then surely it is their own decision and not for me to tell them it's wrong or right. I had a really good time and I am sure the other ladies that I was knitting with did also. Thanks to Laurie for nipping into Marks for a sandwich and drink for me. Much appreciated.

The baby tried on her finished soakers and they fitted quite nicely, although they are a touch roomy but that will allow room for growth. I haven't taken a photo of the finished soakers but I believe that some photos were taken so I may be able to post one on a later blog. I think I may have misread the pattern at the division of the legs and on the second pair I will do the gusset part a different way. I wasn't happy with the fit around the crutch area on the first pair. Linda, baby Anna's mum, is dyeing some finer wool as she wants some more making. I am on my second pair in the thicker wool.

The knitted garden is now on display in Unit 10 (next door to New Look) of Crompton Place Shopping Centre, Bolton. I believe that Lisa is still planning to add more things to it when it moves to another location - possibly the Arts Centre. I am sure that the ladies who took these photos of the garden will not mind my posting the links on here com/photos/ 21094189@ N05/ and com/photos/ eadaoinflynn/. There are also some photos on Vicky's blog (scroll down - the link is on the right hand column marked blogs)

The bottom photo is Buster looking sad after all the family had left. He still does not really understand the reasons why he can't go back home with them. I had thought he was cured of his nasty habit but yesterday he was naughty again when Vicky called for me and he snapped his teeth near her fingers. Ahh! What am I going to do with him? 99 per cent of the time he is a loving dog - a bit growly if he doesn't know you but not a threat and then out of the blue he snapped out and surprised both Vicky and myself. I suppose I had got a bit complacent about him because he had been so good for so long. Today I watched him like a hawk when the babies came and made sure he was nowhere near them just in case. He behaved like a true gentleman with them but I can not trust him again after yesterday.


Crobbles said...

I've got two lovely photos of the soakers that Laurie took and plenty of the garden if you want those too. I'll ping them across in the morning.

Zuleika said...

Happy belated mother's day to you! Your gifts are really sweet! :-) I got cards from my boys that they made in school. :-)