Sunday, 30 March 2008

No More Blah

I woke up this morning and several times during the night wringing wet through. Not because of incontinence thankfully but with sweat. Whatever it was that I had seems to have vanished with the sweat. I carried on being hot all of today though, even the waitress at Waterstones put my water in a glass of ice, but I think that was as much to do with hot flushes more than my lurgy.

I had to stop taking my HRT ready for the operation. Risks of thrombosis apparently and as I have been taking them for quite a while I had quite forgotten the reasons that they put me on them in the first place. I must ask if there is an equivalent herbal remedy that I am allowed to take before the operation. I am worried in case the sudden rises in temperature that I used to suffer from return once again. They used to cause me to go bright red in the face, get a booming headache, sweat and if I didn't get to cold air fast enough - faint. Aren't we women lucky enduring all these lovely menopausal symptoms. I should, of course, at my age be well past all of that but I suppose I have been kept artificially oestrogenised (if there is such a word) for years with the aid of pills.

I really enjoyed the Knit Out today such a good turn out. I feel lucky to have found so many friends with similar interests in knitting. It's nice to get out and about and meet people as I spend a lot of time on my own. I keep myself focused that once the operation is a success (positive thinking here) that I will be once again able to resume a larger social life.

The shawl on today's blog is for Vicky. Sweet Pea from Stitch and Bitch The Happy Hooker book. Something that I made in a small appreciation for all the help that Vicky has given me over the last months. The lifts here and there make all the difference in the world to me and I would not be taking such lovely photos but for her. She gave me some lovely stitch markers in my favourite shade of lilacs and purples today which I will photograph another day. The shawl is not quite finished but I wanted to give it to Vicky today. The Blah meant that I didn't feel in the mood for blocking it or fringing it but she probably had a lucky escape as my fringing looks like a raggy old cat. About as good as my moth eaten pom poms. It's the finishing touches that always let me down! The shawl will look far nicer with a neat orderly fringe which it will no doubt have under Vicky's scissors.

I gave Linda the secret items I have been making for baby Anna. They will be posted on here on another day. Those and the shawl were made when my blog went a bit quiet photo wise as to post photos or describe what I was doing would have ruined the surprise for them.
My niece Vicky texted to say that she can't bring the other ball of wool needed to finish crocheting Kath's cardie today as she isn't feeling well due to having the lurgy. The last time we were together was Good Friday so I doubt if we got it at the same time! I will continue trying to make sense of the US terms and confusing instructions for Vicky's top down crochet top. The Everyday Crochet book by Doris Chan has some lovely designs in it but I must admit it is not the easiest pattern to follow - well not to my tired old eyes. I am though I must confess not full charge of all of my senses as yet. I find, in general, that the US crochet books are not as easy to follow as the UK books that I have from the past. This book goes all around the houses to explain things and jumps you about from page to page following so many rows from one size and then so many rows from another size on yet another page. To start the jumper in the first place it referred me several pages back to another top altogether! Not the most user friendly book that I have used. I am usually OK once I get the pattern set in my head though. I love so many of the patterns in the book so I do hope that the rest are easier to follow.


ambermoggie said...

Wow Jan that is fabulous, lucky Vicky:)
Glad youa re feeling better. Maybe after the op we can get together sometime? I haven't been Bolton way for a while now

June said...

Glad you are feeling better today. Love the shawl and looking forward to seeing what you make from the Doris Chan book, as I have that book, but I havn't made anything from it yet.

Mad about Craft said...

The shawl is really pretty.

I also have the lovely hot flushs and I have been helped by red clover, ginsing and menopace. The red clover is quite expensive but I have found it very good.

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

Amber - would love to met up with you any time it is possible

June - I am having a bit of a love/hate thing with the Doris Chan book. I will let you know my feeings once I have done wrangling with my first top! I love the items jut hate all the page flipping I am having to do.

Ailsa - I will try the remedies next time I get near Holland and Barrett.